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NBA - Luca Vildoza si è operato per tornare negli Stati Uniti

Luca Wildosa underwent surgery to return to the United States

Former Argentine guard of Posconia Luca Wildosa Did not use the opportunity to show his talent New York Knicks The man who freed him, today underwent surgery on his right leg to deal with the ankle problem. His goal is to get a second chance at the NBA.

“Hi. Today I had surgery on my right leg and I am fine. Once the doctors allow it, I will resume the recovery process. I am calm. I was. During the difficult months. I wore this injury before the Tokyo Olympics.

I tried to keep going, but sometimes I couldn’t take it. The pain was very intense and constant. That’s why I decided with my family and my wife that surgery was the best solution for my health and my future.

Thanks to the Nix people. I also thank those who care about my health. This exit from the NBA told me “see you later”. From tomorrow, I will do everything to return! This is my dream and I will pursue it as much as possible. “

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