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Italy is all about the US-led space effort

Italy is all about the US-led space effort

The Italian defense space sector joins the Multinational Partnership on Integrated Space Operations (CSpO). An important step, it represents Italian ambition to play a leading role alongside key players in the military space.

Italy is increasing its presence in the military space sector, while strengthening cooperation with the United States and its key allies. That is the effect achieved by yesterday’s signature of the Under Secretary of Defense. Isabella RowtyGiven by the Minister Guido Croceto, became part of our nation’s Defense Integrated Space Operations (CSpO). This international initiative aims to strengthen interoperability among allies in key capabilities such as space domain awareness, support to forces operating on land, sea and air from orbit, launch and re-entry, and operations in space. The program was launched in 2014 by the US Space Command (Usspacecom) commander, Gen. John “Jay” Raymond (He will be the first commander of the US Space Force in 2019), and initially united the community of English-speaking countries: except the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. New Zealand joined in 2015, but the real decisive step was the opening to France and Germany in 2020, expanding participation beyond the borders of the Anglosphere.

Italy’s merger with Japan yesterday was formalized during a meeting of CSpO nations in Berlin, attended by the chief general of the Japanese Air Defense Forces. Hiroki Uchiguraand the Chief of Air Staff, Gen Luca Goretti. Speaking at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies in October, General Goretti noted that “today’s conflicts require synergy across all sectors” and the push toward “multinational armed forces interoperability.” A sense of “collaboration between Italy and America”.

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Yesterday’s achievement was only the latest step in the military’s efforts to strengthen its partnership with Washington in the space sector. Already in 2022, during a meeting with General Raymond, the Chief of Defense Forces, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragon, noted how he hopes to “continue to strengthen cooperation with US defense in the space sector and inspire members of the CSpO.” In April, an agreement signed by the head of the General Space Office, Gen David CibellettiAnd Commander of Usspacecom, Gen James DickinsonHe had established the post of permanent Italian liaison officer at the US Space Command.

For Italy, joining the CSpO is a representation of the country’s ambition to be one of the big players in space defense. Sharing resources and improving cooperation among allies is fundamental to our nation, and inclusion in a defense framework like CSpO is an essential step.