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An asteroid burns and crashes in Germany: a terrible fireball

An asteroid burns and crashes in Germany: a terrible fireball

And on the night between Saturday and Sunday, it is small asteroid It burned in the sky above Brandenburg close Berlin. According to calculations NASAThe asteroid struck at 00:32 local time near Nynhausen In the area Haviland.

The drone ball can be seen even from a distance, and has also been spotted in Leipzig and Prague. Many photos and videos were then circulated on social media. according to Minor planet center (Mpc), the asteroid with a diameter of about one meter was discovered a few hours ago by a Hungarian astronomer Christian Sarnitsky. The celestial body was given the initial name Sar2736but is now listed as 2024 BX1as reported Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

In recent years, small asteroids have been identified several times before they burn up in the atmosphere. At the end of April last year, one Fireball It was spotted above Elmshorn in Schleswig-Holstein. They were found later Meteorite fragmentsSome weigh a few hundred grams and others weigh several kilograms.

A meteorite fell in it France Midway February 2023. This asteroid, which is about one meter in size, was also spotted a few hours ago. In the following days they were found Normandy Dozens of fragments. Experts assume that even in this case, amateur astronomers and the curious will search for possible remains of the small asteroid that fell near Nynhausen.

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