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Time Change: How to manage meals?  Professional advice

Time Change: How to manage meals? Professional advice

Whether in spring or fall Change time always Sort of a little jet leg. When you go to sleep, when you wake up, and yes, even when you eat. Sometimes we feel hungry an hour before, sometimes an hour after, just as when we travel west or east, crossing different time zones. How to manage these situations starting at the table?

“It is important, in such cases, to take into account how certain foods are eaten or… Groups of nutrients He explains that these factors affect our bodies Filippo UngaroLife coach and former nutritionist for ESA astronauts —. For example, many say that eating Carbohydrates In the evening it is counterproductive, but this is not the case. Carbohydrates promote sleep, and especially when habits change suddenly, they are excellent allies for rebalancing our rhythms. the ProteinsOn the contrary, it keeps us awake and active. For this reason, the ideal solution is to consume it in the morning, especially if the time change makes waking up more complicated. there Caffeine? “Helpful for staying awake and focused, especially if taken in the morning. But it is better not to abuse it or take it in the afternoon or in the evening: it may make sleep more difficult.

On the table

If we want to think concretely about a typical day, we can manage meals this way. With the premise: It is always appropriate Limit sugars and foods made with refined flour, fats and salt.Anna VillariniThe biologist, food science specialist and researcher in the Department of Preventive and Predictive Medicine at the National Cancer Institute in Milan suggests starting with Nice breakfast. “In the morning, make some porridge and try to use a different wholegrain flake each time. Add fresh seasonal fruit, to taste, or even dried fruit, chopped nuts, and, for sweet tooths, small pieces of dark chocolate: It helps you wake up better than coffee».
if I were quicklyYou can eat whole wheat bread with a teaspoon of 100% fruit jam or unsweetened fruit salad accompanied by natural white milk or soy yogurt. Then lunch and dinner It should include – in the correct doses – legumes, eggs, fresh cheeses, and always fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. All foods, that is, which Stimulate serotonin production – The good mood hormone – which is lacking in this particular period of the year due to lack of exposure to sunlight.
Finally, it is worth mentioning sport activitiesAble to mitigate the effects of time change. Practiced in the early hours of the morning, but no later than the afternoon, it prepares the body for restorative sleep.

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In other words, the time change can be confusing, But if we plan ahead and implement more strategies – nutrition and exercise for example – we help the mind and body to adapt better.