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Lombardy, Leticia Moratti resigns from the regional council

Lombardy, Leticia Moratti resigns from the regional council

There are many reasons to choose Moratti. “Out of respect for the citizens – he explained – with a sense of responsibility and considering the delicate socio-economic situation of the country, I waited for the outcome of the political elections and the formation of the new government to know my position. “. For the former councilor it was “A strong signal regarding the active delay and difficulties of this administrationMy opinion no longer responds to the interests of Lombard citizens “. A choice” I take full responsibility for clarity, and considering the contradictory measures taken in the fight against the epidemic “.

“On the one hand, I positively admit that the order I established for Lombard citizens follows the opinion of the experts of the Lombard control room, where I implemented the duty of masks in hospitals and RSA. On the other hand, I register. Concern A selection that anticipates the reintegration of physicians and other unvaccinated health professionalsThe forgiveness of no-vacs fines and a different sensibility about the importance of vaccinations”, Moratti continued.

“These are three examples, symbol A different political system In this context “” In fact, I believe that if the country is safe today with regard to Covid, we owe it without any doubt to the massive participation in the vaccination campaign in recent months. It was won by the extraordinary sense of civic responsibility of Lombard citizens and the enormous commitment of doctors, nurses, military, civil defense and volunteers to the world of membership and protection. A victory to be proud of is now called into question by actions I do not approve of,” Moratti underlined.

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In any case, Moratti promised “Orderly delivery“Regarding his deputies as councilor for well-being:” I refer to issues and policies very close to my heart, important public investments in the health of citizens, and the subject of my recent proposals for resolutions on the construction of social housing. And waiting lists at clinics should be drastically reduced.

Fontana: “Morati looks to the left” – Astounded by the choice and wording used by Attilio Fontana. “It is surprising that the councilor of welfare announces today that the action of the council is not enough – said the president of Lombardy – I think he has not raised it in the year and a half since he has been a member of it. What is important today is that the vaccination campaign and the excellent work in restoring the efficiency curbed by Covid cannot stop. Fontana later added: “The doubts I expressed about the political position of Leticia Moratti are well founded. It is clear that she has not looked to the left since today.”

Guido Bertolaso ​​Welfare Councilor – Guido Bertolaso ​​will be the new Lombardy welfare councillor. He was appointed by the president of the region, Attilio Fontana. “We are immediately appointing a welfare councilor who will start interventions on the waiting list and take care of the needs of citizens exclusively without political distractions – explained the president. Center-right, I decided to hand over the welfare delegation to Dr. Guido Bertolazzo, the protagonist of the vaccination campaign in Lombardy and a deep connoisseur of the operating machinery of the Lombard health system. .

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Fontana: Moratti has been out of faith for almost a month – “Why did you resign today? We have to ask you. I can say that I have already expressed political distrust for almost a month. Now the vice-president has chosen a different way. I am suspended. All decisions should be the central right to say who to nominate.” Believes, now all doubts have been removed. Speaking about the resignation of Letizia Moratti, Lombardi Attilio Fontana said this at the end of the meeting on autonomy.

Fontana, candidate for Moraty region? – “It was moving toward left center, that was clear.” Speaking about Moratti’s resignation, Lombardi Attilio Fontana said this at the end of the meeting on autonomy. To those who ask him if Moratti could be a candidate for the leadership of the region, Fontana replies: “It is possible. I read excited tones from the center-left, everyone sees you as a candidate, cheers, we will. Let’s have a good fight”.

Salah: I expected the resignation of Letizia Moratti – Leticia Moratti’s resignation as welfare councilor and vice-president of the Lombardy region “It is clear that they were something I expected. Moratti did what Fontana lacked the courage to do, namely to admit that he was not there. Faith”. Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala commented on the resignation of Letizia Moratti. “Because of the lack of trust, I said many times, a councilor is not elected, but appointed based on the trust of the mayor or the head of the region – he concluded – there are things like this. For a long time now.”

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