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Will the longest war waged by the United States end on 9/11?

Will the longest war waged by the United States end on 9/11?

US President Joe Biden has set a new date for the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on September 11, 2021, the day to end the longest war ever fought in US history: a day against the Taliban. Biden will formally announce the news on Wednesday, but a decision has already been made, Expected from Washington Post Then all the American media is firm. Officially, there are still 2,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, although this is subject to many variations (there are still a thousand today), which should include 7,000 troops from other countries, mostly NATO troops.

The withdrawal of American soldiers from Afghanistan has been a matter of debate in the United States for many years, and is particularly divisive.

Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump promised to bring troops home during their orders, but continued attacks by the Taliban and concerns about the stability of the Afghan government prompted both presidents to postpone the decision. Trump has finally decided that the devaluation work will be completed by May 1, 2021. The date is also includedThe peace agreement was reached in February 2020 Between the United States and the Taliban, but there were many doubts that it was really respected, he said, because of the instability shown by Trump in foreign policy over the past four years and that it would be very difficult to go so far as Biden had already said. Quickly.

The new deadline set by Biden, who has always been skeptical about the longevity of US troops in Afghanistan – coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda in New York and Washington, the most serious of which killed nearly 3,000 people in the United States. In the aftermath of the attacks, George W. Bush’s then-Republican administration decided to attack the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and retaliate against Al Qaeda, accusing it of providing security and support to the Osama bin Laden-led terrorist organization. The regime was quickly overthrown, but the Taliban were not defeated.

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Over the years the war has changed, expanded, and differed from the initial counter-terrorism operation: US troops were involved in facilitating a process. “Nation building”(Creation of a nation state), democratization and introduction of rights for women, which were very limited during the Taliban regime. However, the process did not lead to the desired results, For many reasons, The Taliban strengthened, and by 2009 the number of foreign troops in Afghanistan had returned to numerous, and this mission appeared to be a kind of second invasion.

In February 2020, the United States and the Taliban reached an agreement, among other things, an end to Taliban attacks and a full withdrawal from Afghanistan in return for assurances that Afghanistan would no longer be used as a haven for terrorist groups. The agreement, which has already been violated several times, predates peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government, however, they are progressing with great recession and difficulty, and may be destroyed in the future.

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Many Congressmen have accused Biden of making an irresponsible decision, not based on the actual war situation, which has seen the Taliban’s progressive advance in various parts of Afghanistan in recent years.

The danger, critics argue, is that the withdrawal of American soldiers could lead to a breach of Taliban agreements and a decisive collapse of the government in Kabul. Pitani critics cite a much-discussed paradigm in recent years: they argue that the withdrawal of troops from Iraq through war operations in 2011 was decided by the then Obama administration, creating conditions for the development of the Islamic State. Come to control most of Syria and Iraq. Critics say a similar scenario could recur with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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Others argue that ten years have already passed since the assassination of al Qaeda leader Bin Laden, who planned the 9/11 attacks, and that the time has come for the United States to concentrate its energy and resources on other foreign policy. Objectives. In determining the withdrawal deadline, Biden determined that Al Qaeda and its affiliates would no longer pose a threat to the U.S. border, and, according to some observers, Including Afghan negotiator Nader Naderi, An “essential space” would be created for the Taliban to use “to show their good will in achieving peace and agreement on the future political order of the country.”

Some soldiers will stay in Afghanistan to protect diplomats, standard practice. The retreating soldiers will be sent to other parts of Asia, which will allow the US government to bring minimal control over Afghanistan in the future, including intelligence gathering.

Since 2001, about 2,400 American soldiers have been killed in the war in Afghanistan, costing about $ 2 billion. The Taliban have said they will attack US troops if they do not comply with the February 2020 agreement, which calls for a full withdrawal by May 2021. To date, it is unclear what the Taliban will do.