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Heard of Visibilia’s bankruptcy, Sundance – political problem

Visibilia EditorUntil a few weeks ago the company had Senator Fdi and the new Tourism Minister as its first partnersOr Daniela Santange, and was founded by her, “is in a state of clear and obvious bankruptcy”. The Milan public prosecutor’s office puts in black and white the “judicial liquidation,” i.e. bankruptcy, application submitted to the bankruptcy court.
Coordinated by lawyer Roberto Fontana, starting from the complaint of minority shareholders and after the analysis of Gdf’s economic and financial police unit.
The result, as often happens in these cases, led to the opening of a hypothetical bankruptcy file, which was assessed by former directors, including Santanza, who was chairman and CEO between 2016 and last January and recently resigned. its allocations.

The senator, as far as is known, will be investigated along with others in the Gdf’s records of alleged wrongful corporate communications. The ongoing investigation is subject to maximum secrecy, with some passages confidential even to lawyers. But he denies it with a note from his lawyer, Salvador Sancho: ”Sen. Santanché has not been tried in any criminal investigation and has not held any position at Visibilia Editor Spa for many years; – “Fraudulent bankruptcy case opened” is not true, as there is no objective presumption of judicial liquidation of the company, it is presumed only in summary.
The liquidation request for Visibilia, which is listed on Euronext Growth Milan, was drafted in recent days and the company itself announced it in a press release, explaining that it “will exercise its defense privileges at the hearing set for November 30″. Fight the presence of bankruptcy”. In the application, in particular, the public prosecutor reports debts to the Internal Revenue for about 984 thousand euros. As shown in an information document, the Gdf also analyzed the financial statements “between 2016 and 2020”. And he “sustainable losses already starting from the financial year 2016”. highlighted, and reviewed all points of the minority shareholder’s complaint (which led to a civil suit for “gross irregularities in management”), the alleged “wrongful corporate”. Communications related to financial statements, at least since 2017, “specifically ‘benefit’ and ‘prepaid taxes’ ‘ related to”.
In November 2014, Visibilia Editor Holding, in the “people” of Daniela Santange, we read that “subscribed and issued a capital increase” of the “newly incorporated Visibilia Editor” and it “created goodwill” of more than 4, 3 million euros. However, in early 2017, Visibilia’s board of directors “approved financial statements showing goodwill values ​​and deferred tax assets that differed widely from those approved,” Gdf writes. At the center of the investigations, liquidity injections obtained from the loan signed in 2017 with the Fund of the United Arab Emirates: as Fiamme Gialle clarified, “a convertible bond loan that allowed the continuation of entrepreneurial activity” but, in fact, caused a fall in the value of the stock, which suffered a 99.97% regression.
The company’s losses, meanwhile, explain the investigators, were “silenced by false accounts of ‘goodwill’ on assets and ‘prepaid taxes'”. State tax credits are “not paid in installments” and the first filings date back to 2018. Based on these analyses, investigations are underway against the former directors of Visibilia, including the partner of Santanza Dimitri Kunz de Habsburg Lorraine and the sister of Senator Fiorella Carnero.
In the evening, a note from the company said that the directors had discussed with the partners Luca Giuseppe Real Rufino and SIF Italia Spa2 and formally confirmed their intention to appoint a new management team. In their own disclosure ” and ” expressed willingness to intervene, if necessary, to allow the company to fulfill its obligations to the revenue agency mentioned in the press release by 29 November 2022.

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