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Live weather forecast: New ice thrust with snow even in the plains

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Weather report Italy
Weather report Italy

Snow on the border between Lazio and Abruzzo. Snow is also falling in the relief areas along the border between Lazio and Abruzzo, especially in Monte de la Lagos, on the border between Wright and Teramo, with temperatures hovering around 600 m below zero degrees Celsius.

5 cm in Neve Abruzzo, Citino.. Rainfall continues in the morning in Abruzzo, with temperatures hovering close to zero even at low altitudes. In the Chietino region, the thickness of fresh ice exceeds 5cm in hilly areas, below the Valle del Sangro at an altitude of 400m.

Snow on the plains between Marseille and Abruzzo. The heart of the icy impulse flowing from the Balkans ends in the central Adriatic region, with temperatures reaching -8 ° C at an altitude of about 1500 m. Temperature enough to allow Snow falls on the plains between Lower Marche and Abruzzo Sometimes mixed on the coast or just in the form of rain.

Low altitude rain and snow in Puglia. Buglia is also affected by the same instability that comes from the Balkans, and in the morning begins to accumulate in the Barry area with rain and sleet, with weak but snowfall in the interior towards the Campania border. , But in Murkei, such as Boutignano (370 m), however, the monopoly south of Barry is congested and weakly snowy; Snow in Basilicotta.

The following video snow on Alberobello and Martina Franca. Video by Lucia Ciba Amateur Weather Network:

Scales in Martina Franca (DA) this morning in the following video:

Fasano (BR) in the following photo. Photo by Cristiano Per Amateur Weather Network:

Photo by Cristiano for Snow Amateur Weather Network in Fasano (PR)
Photo by Cristiano for Snow Amateur Weather Network in Fasano (PR)

Unstable and cold in Calabria. In Calabria, especially in Sila and the Ionian region, there will be snowfall from an altitude of 700 meters. Weak rainfall pushes southward into the watershed, engulfing the Regino region.

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Snow on Bergamo Pedamontana. Clouds extending from the east to the Po Valley above all are sticking between the pre-Alpine and Lombard foothills, so weak snowfall has been reported over the upper part of Bergamo.

Situation. The distribution of very cold air blowing from the Balkans towards our Adriatic and southern regions continues to intensify, causing snowfall at very low altitudes in areas exposed through a new cold stimulus. Clouds are rising between the foothills in the north and the pre-alpine region, up to Piedmont, but in this case the incidence is less or completely absent. On the other hand good weather in the Alps, the central-northern Tyrrhenian regions and in Trivandrum.

Next hour weather. Cloudy in the Adriatic Snow, sometimes up to the plain between Lower Marche and Abruzzo Temporarily some scales may reach the shore in the morning but the snow level increases slightly in the afternoon, pushing the scales themselves before a new fall in the evening Up to flat heights in the interior of Abruzzo; Events in March weaken at once, but some scales are expected as far as the interior of Lazio, especially in Rio de Janeiro. Unstable in Buglia with low altitude rain and snow, 200/400m but sometimes very heavy rain, even in the evening. Unstable in other parts of the south Frequent rains between Calabria and northern Sicily And 200/400 m with the first snowfall between Lugania and Inner Campania, 500/700 m between Lower Calabria and northern Sicily but 300/500 m in the evening between Sila and Aspramonde. In the north, Sardinia and the mid-north Tyrrhenian regions have a more mild climate, with thunderstorms over the Brealps and western Piedmont, gradually becoming milder during the day. Moderate or tense north-northeast winds and temperatures drop further. Enter the section for all details Weather Italy. For evolution Click here until Friday.

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The weather is coming hours
The weather is coming hours

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