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The national lesson of Ukraine is in these photos

The national lesson of Ukraine is in these photos

In the face of the strength of the Ukrainian people, those young hands throwing Molotov cocktails, those proud young hands facing Russian tanks, one realizes the strength of patriotism which in the West is devoid of awareness of danger, interconnected, liquid or perhaps – as Baumann says – lost liquid. On the other hand, the strange Italian history, which he reacted twenty years after fascism by associating it with the word “homelandForgetting that patriotism is one’s love for one’s land, a feeling devoid of that desire to offend nationalism. On the other hand, the rejection of identities and roots, the exchange of multiculturalism and the encounter between cultures with superficiality. Not promoting diversity and imposing equality not as a principle but as an essence. Forget about contacting the Earth completely.

The bond that Ukrainians rediscovered with their courage and the strength of their identity. When I saw the clips Scino Ricci, a Romanian photographer, the first word that came to my mind was “identity”. Skino traveled in 2019 viaUkraine, stay longer in the city center, in the Vinnytsia region, in Podolia. A journey through the countryside, faces and stories. And so, this is the idea of ​​telling the identity of these people through the lens of the camera. Faces tell stories and eyes full of pride.

Because if there is one thing that is understood about Ukrainians, it is that they can do without “our pity”. Instead, what emerged was what the Romans called pietas. A more complex feeling consisting of respect and compassion but also of patriotic love. Saint Thomas, in his Summa Theology, includes the homeland in the context of holiness and asserts that pietas are his right, as it is a right of God and of parents. The symbol of pietas is the myth of Aeneas: dedicated to the gods and his parents, but also a brave warrior.

On the other hand, given the strength of the Ukrainian resistance fighting for its independence, pity appears as a certain human feeling but sometimes dissonant. And here’s the storyboard through part of Ukrainian identity, told through Olga’s beautiful face and Anastasia’s, through a table set on the occasion of Orthodox Easter. Hopefully the next event will be celebrated without the sound and fear of bombs.