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The rise of Forza Italia, the decline of the 5S: what the latest polls say

The rise of Forza Italia, the decline of the 5S: what the latest polls say

The last Studies They are bringing good news to the center-right, which, if united in the next election, will be a coalition that will lead the Italians to a greater extent than the center-left. It is a different story for the Kialorochi Front, which is currently unable to independently collect enough votes to hold on to the next government. The tight numbers of the 5-star movement, which negatively affects the Giallorossi axis, are the protagonist of the decline that has been going on for months now and it does not seem to be stopping.

According to a recent poll Swg Known by Enrico Mentana Tg La7, Brothers of Italy This is the first party in the voter turnout to vote: over the course of a week, Georgia Meloni’s rankings increased by consensus to 21.5% with +0.2. Small growth for the Democrats to go up to 21.2% with a positive margin of 0.1%. Rather the League Unable to catch up: Matteo Salvini’s party still has a loss, down 0.2%, crediting him with 17%.

Bad photos for the 5 star movement continue: Giuseppe Conte’s new curriculum has failed to make a difference in the poll. In fact, it made the numbers worse: a recent survey recorded a 0.4% drop, reducing Grillini to 12.6%. Exceeding the 13% limit is certainly shocking from a political point of view, an indication of how the Pentostellata proposal is not appreciated by voters and invalid. Instead of a positive trend Come to Italy: Blue Party collects 0.5% and reaches 8.1%.

Finally, there are parties with less consensus than the major political parties: Carlo Calenda and + Europe lost 0.2% to 4.8%, Mdp-Article 1 (2.4%, +0.2%), Italia Viva di Matteo Renzi (2.3%, down 0.4). %), Verdi (2.2%, 0.3% with negative conversion), Cynistra italina (stable 2.1%) and Italexide (2%, up to 0.3%) with Gianluigi paragon. Other lists increased 3.8%, 0.2%. The share of non-speakers remains unchanged at 42%.

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The In the center right Apart from the government crisis, there is no doubt that after the political elections in the spring of 2023, the United National Party will have the best chance of ruling the country. Gap for 46.6% Yellow and red This is very deep: the Democratic Party and the 5 star movement together accounted for 33.8%.