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Digital terrestrial broadcasting, new shutdown: what to do if you do not receive channels

Digital terrestrial broadcasting, new shutdown: what to do if you do not receive channels

One of the most awaited dates has arrived: today begins another important stage for the transformation into the future New digital ground. In this case, we are talking about the transition to the new technology of all national broadcasters (Rai, Mediaset, La7, Discovery), with the relevant thematic channels.

The changes on the surface may seem very complex and difficult to decipher, but with a little patience the image can become very simple quickly. In the meantime, suppose that no gods will disappear or appear channelsbut it will increase Transmission quality. Let’s take the example of a public broadcaster: Rai 1 HD (Channel 501) will become the only channel transmitted and will operate the traditional switch 1 on the remote control; Similar letter to the second and third main channel.

Arrivalvery accurate For all national channels, as well as for local broadcasters, the transition to Mpeg-4 encoding is allowed. The latter is destined, with full access to the new digital ground, to replace the previous Mpeg-2 in all respects, as it will for H.265 encryption (which will replace H.264).

The advantages are inevitable for those with an updated device suitable to receive what MiSE defines as “high quality”. Thanks to the new encodings, it will be possible to receive a signal in High accuracy 1080i with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

In most cases re Of the channels it happens automatically, while in others it will be necessary to proceed manually. Nothing particularly complicated, just go in order. Although there are some small differences between the different devices, it is necessary in principle:

  • Click on the remote control menu button;
  • access to settings;
  • Select Configure Channels;
  • start channel search;
  • This can be done manually or (preferably) by clicking on AutoScan (sometimes called AutoScan);
  • If you are prompted to select “Reinstall All Channels” and wait for the process to finish.
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New digital terrestrial: TV or decoder to change?

The arrival of a new digital earth has put many on alert regarding the possibility of having to change television Or a decoder to keep up with high definition. It’s good to remember that many of the devices sold in recent years may actually be suitable, especially in terms of smart TVs.

You can do a quick test by choosing channels 100 and 200 with the remote control: TV owners or untie Already in the step, the message “Test HEVC Main10” will be displayed. This ensures that not only your TV can display the new Mpeg4 channels, but also the future transition to the HEVC codec.