Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Travaglio to La7: “Meloni brags about his first year in government, but in reality he doesn’t get anything right.” And it lists all failures


Maloney’s description of his government is surreal. If she were against herself, she would march with this story and cause. That is the truth They didn’t really get one right“. So A Eight and a half (La7) Director Daily realityMarco TravaglioComments on the words spoken by the Prime Minister Georgia Meloney In the National Assembly Brothers of ItalyIn this first year he argued that his government was “on the side of common sense and of the hitherto defenseless, frightened and oppressed Italians”.

Travaglio goes off the list of all the failures of the Meloni-led administration: “It was talked about this summer GiambrunoOff VannachiOff Beloved, all weapons of mass distractions and nonsense compared to the real situation. I have listed all the failures that the Maloney government has accumulated in these 10 months: Decline in GDPIndustrial production and employment – ​​and it continues – are a complete failure in the aftermath Basic income, since there is no work, is obvious, because otherwise the citizen would not have needed income; Hundreds of thousands of evacuations Super bonus We don’t know what will happen to them because they are so good at tearing down the good things that other people do. It also: Tax amnesty and disaster on immigrants“.

The director of Il Fatto continues his list: “Fortunately, all their reforms have stuck: autonomy, justice, the prime minister. Instead, they solve it by flouting the European Stability Pact Gentleman. In negotiation Italy-Lufthansa, it seems that the Germans are coming back. The Pnrr? We don’t talk about it. Scandals? There is Re: Flood, Safety Problem a Kaivano, which they think can be solved by sending children and their parents to jail for not sending them to school. Then – he adds – health disaster, there School Reopened without teachers Dear lifeDear Bills, Expensive excise duty Expensive petrol, expensive hotels, foreign tourists had said that they will eliminate these. Albania Going to do business with a competing country with a prime minister, expensive flights, expensive mortgages, maneuvering without money.

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And he concludes: “Fratelli d’Italia is high in the polls? No doubt, it will take some time for Italians to realize that they have relied on false news. But astral connections will come and go sooner or later When they touch your wallet“.


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