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King of Billie Jean's Cup - Giorgi Relentless, France Co 3-0: Defeat Tan 6-2, 6-0 and go to the finals.

King of Billie Jean’s Cup – Giorgi Relentless, France Co 3-0: Defeat Tan 6-2, 6-0 and go to the finals.

Camila Giorgi Harmony Tan disintegrates and leads Italy to a 3-0 win over France in the Billie Jean King Cup qualifiers.
Blue is enforced with a score of 6-2, 6-0 in just over an hour of play. Great party with the Italian flag In front of the Alghero fans at the end of the challenge.


Billie Jean King Singles Cup

Camila Giorgi gives Italy 2-0 over France in BJK Cup

16 hours ago

The start of the Macerata area is very difficult: on duty, he opens with a double mistake and immediately gives up the break. The opponent confirms the second half and Camila trailed 2-0.

Then from there everything changes. Although Giorgi has some difficulties in serving (with occasional frequent throws and a foul on the feet), he is growing in terms of play, clearly superior to the Parisian. It’s a trip of victory, because since then the color blue is no longer a mistake

The first set ends easily 6-2 and the music does not change in the second set: with 12 consecutive wins, the second set ends 6-0 (with a backhand foul by the French at the last point) and France takes their third defeat out of three matches.

Thus, Italy bypassed the playoffs and reached the finals.

Giorgi: “Covid? No excuse. What kind of Britney and Wrong!”

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