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Janet Haig Doystad has been forced into 3 jobs in Rio.  Team Competition Results - OA Sport

Janet Haig Doystad has been forced into 3 jobs in Rio. Team Competition Results – OA Sport

A day full of verbs and endings. The second stage of The 2022 Shooting World Cup, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, gives ongoing feelings inside the Brazilian shooting range. Let’s see how it went in detail, between individual competitions and team competitions.

Women’s 3-Pocket 50m Rifle (Single)
Dominating in the final against Germany’s Anna Jansen 16-6, strong Norwegian Janet Haig Distad prevailed, now second but able, a few days ago, to establish herself in the 10m compressed air competition.
Behind them, American Sagen Maddalena took the third step from the podium

Shooting, World Cup Rio 2022: Compete in mixed teams and pairs competitions

Women’s 25m Sports Pistol (Team Competition)
Germany takes the stage of victory. The incredible trio of Venecamp-Ritz-Karche crushed Thailand 17-7 in the Grand Final. In third place, on the other hand, was Brazil, who in the electrified “final” of the lowest score on the podium overtook Iran 16-14.

Men’s 50m 3-position rifle (team competition)
Czech Republic Smetana-Privratsky-Nimborski thrash Norway 17-3 making it a competition of its own, in a photo completed by the States’ assertion – in the bronze medal match – with a 17-15 score over Croatia.

Women’s 50m 3-position rifle (team competition)
Norway, with the trio Lund-Steni-Duystad, does not miss a win by making the competition theirs with the final 16-4 score over the United States.
In third place instead of Switzerland, which won the same result over the Czech Republic.

Two events are scheduled for tomorrow: the first for the men’s 25-meter automatic pistol and the 3-position mixed team competition from the 50-meter.

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Photo: ISSF / YouTube