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Carlo Calenda breaks the deal with Enrico Letta, unleashing the wrath of the Dems. The progressive front, patiently put together by the Pd secretary to challenge FdI, Lega and Fi, has lost a part, in the center, which is so respectable, so hard to convince. A few days after the deal was signed, the action leader reversed course. “It’s one of the most painful decisions – he said – but I don’t want to move forward with this alliance”. He explained that it was Letta’s engagements with both Sinistra Italiana and Verdi, as well as Luigi Di Maio and Bruno Tabacci, that added the “extra-musical pieces”. A justification that infuriated Democrats: “Respect is honoring the word given. The rest is elitist populism.” Because – remember Dem – when that treaty was signed with Action, it was understood that there would be treaties with other powers as well. However, according to Calenda, the Democratic coalition was “made to fail. There was an opportunity to make someone win. The choice was made by the Democratic Party, and I’m disappointed”.

Elections, Kalenda: ‘Tough decision, coalition set for worst defeat’

Letta’s reply was evasive: “From everything he has said, it seems to me that Calenda is the only possible ally for Calenda. If she accepts it. We will move forward in Italy’s interest”. Calenda’s announcement came on TV half an hour after an unusual social silence that had suspended potential allies, recovering from agreements signed the day before. Letta worked for months on as wide a front as possible with the aim of playing a tough game on September 25th. Rewards alliances. The picture of coalitions in the center and the left has been reversed.

Reactions of the center are to the left
“Four days ago, four not 40, the Democratic Party, Calenda, Più Europa signed a political agreement – and, ironically, the draft written by Calenda, good. Good, applause. From Thursday I started to hear noises about Calenda. ‘Not standing with him’ , we arrived yesterday with the secretary of my party, Della Vedova – who has the patience of a saint – who is still trying to talk to Calenda. Emma Bonino, Senator for Pew Europe, Onda’s guest at La7. “This morning we learn from Benedetto della Vedova ‘Calenda we have the matter closed, Amen and Goodbye'”. If it was a hiccup or something premeditated? “I don’t know, I had a lot of hope. I don’t think it’s serious to change my mind every three days, especially from a political force that is applying to participate in the government of a country. I can’t follow this path. On Monday my party secretary called Direction, let’s talk, but today is Calenda Moody. A door slamming situation.

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According to Vice President + Europe, Riccardo Maggi In the agreement signed with the Democratic Party, it was clear that there would be other lists and, depending on the electoral agreement, a privileged political relationship with us based on the continuation of the action of the Draghi government. Other listings. Leta reiterated this yesterday. “Then, in terms of action,” we prioritized maintaining the unity of the federation, making decisions together and then maintaining them. This is also serious.” In recent days, Pew Europe, which had signed an action agreement with the Democrats, this morning reiterated the deal. Enrico Letta also rejected Conte’s attempt to reopen the M5S. Elements of the deal’s assessment are emerging, + Europe’s administration will meet to discuss and decide. The note was immediately welcomed by the Dems. “Just before the Secretariat Democrats strongly applaud the release of the memo. + Europe reaffirms its support for the agreement signed last Tuesday between the Democratic Party and the Federation + Europe / Action “, Nazarene’s sources know.

He interjects into the discussion with a tweet Renzi: “In the midst of many difficulties, both international and domestic, it is time for politics with a capital P. We have an extraordinary opportunity #TerzoPolo“. Matteo Renzi writes it on Twitter.” We apply with a clear plan that Italians can understand. Italia Viva and the third pole makes it to the center, An alternative to the confusion of right and left, the Draghi agenda requires continuity in the program that has restarted our country.” This was addressed by Italy’s President Viva Ettore Rosato at Tg1

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Again in a few hours. Calenda will run alone until he finds a deal with Matteo Renzi, who works in Terso Polo with the civic lists of Burma’s ex-mayor Federico Pizarotti. The Democratic Party will go with Verdi-C and De Maio and Tapacci’s Civic Commitment. Probably working together with Più Europa, but the Democratic Party does not seem to share Calenda’s farewell and may confirm the agreement with the Democratic Party in the next few hours. “There is great surprise at the unilateral decision made by Calenda – Vice President and President of Europe Riccardo Maggi – we continue to give a positive assessment to the agreement with the Democratic Party”. Despite pressure from the Italian left, a flashback between the Pd and the M5s was ruled out. “Conte brought down the Draghi government – Letta said – it’s a big responsibility, for us it’s a concrete fact”. The Cinque Stelle leader also seems to have closed the door: “I give Enrico an unsolicited advice: give Di Maio, Tabacci and other associates published boarding schools. This political catastrophe is light years away from reform. The plan was implemented during Conte II. There is poison among the former. And the former More every day. “Today I find myself next to the people who voted 54 times without confidence in Draghi – said Calenda about SI and Verdi – I’m a little lost”. The action leader also revealed that he signed Leta for two without other lists: “I proposed to him to create a clear alliance, And I left the colleges, and I would have accepted only 10% of the seats” , instead of the 30% established in the deal with the Democratic Party, now wastes paper. Word of Pepe Provenzano, Deputy Secretary of State for the Democratic Party In stitches: “No room for third poles”. Then Letta puts a stone on Calenda: “What promises can he make to the Italians, knowing that he has already broken his word with the allies? With this electoral law, the Italians must choose whether to be ruled by Meloni. Right or by us, the choice is clear, and he Calenda decided to do what she did and help the right people.

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Five Star Movement – Giuseppe Conte is zeroing in on Enrico Letta, rejecting any hypothesis of a flashback of an alliance with the Dems. “I have an unsolicited suggestion to Enrico: give De Maio, Tabacci and other allies published boarding schools”. He writes it on Fb: “I can only say that this political disaster is light years away from the reform program carried out during Conte II”. We are not political experts. The ballet these days between power struggles and division of space has left us in awe. We share a different political vision with ordinary citizens. 5 Star will run alone in the next election, though there is an opening for a possible deal with the Democrats. Despite Conte’s clear and uncontested position, is still recommended by various representatives of the movement. After the tears of Carlo Calenda it seems that there is still some hope left looking in these hours.