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A thunderstorm in the heart of summer with storms and hail. Attention in the next hours «3B Meteo

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Weather report
Weather report

Update on 8. Overnight storms in a part of the north. It is evident from recent satellite images A cyclone will be active in the mid-west Bow Valley early Monday morningA series of storm events swirled around it, creating a significant instability in northern areas during the night. Rain and thunderstorms mainly affected Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria Events are weakening as the hours pass, with various lightning strikes and localized hail. Strong winds with thunderstorms also occur, especially along the central Ligurian coastTramontana reached a speed of 70 kmph.

Satellite Image 8 hrs
Satellite Image 8 hrs

A tentative sunrise over high Tuscany. Between the night and the early hours of the day, a phase of thunderstorms accumulated in upper Tuscany, sometimes crossing the Emilian Apennines. They are reported Accumulation of up to 40mm of rain in the Abuan Alps and heavy thunder-showers, heaped upon the massis at dawn. On the Emilian side, events will be weak, although a storm will reach the Bologna area from the Apennines in the early hours.

Temporary fireplaces in the lower Adriatic region. Northeasterly currents reach the lower Adriatic, triggering some storms on the coast of Puglia, but some of these manage to lap the coast at the height of Barletta, while others reach Tarantino.

Weather for the next hour. The day will be characterized by fairly bright spells in the northern parts, except for some diurnal variations in the western Alps, with cloudiness decreasing early in the day in the central Po Valley. However, more instability will develop over the eastern prelaps and Friuli VG in the afternoon. A few showers or thunderstorms may pass over eastern Veneto and the foothills of Lombardy in the evening. High instability in the Emilian Apennines Rain and thunderstorms also in the afternoon, in local occupation of the Apennine foothills. Early sun in the mid-south, apart from rain already falling in upper Tuscany. on the day Increased instability over all inland areas with rain and thunderstorms, even severe ones. Especially in the Lazio-Abruzzo sector, With local hail and wind gusts. Local transgression is possible by the evening for the Tuscan coasts, Lower Tyrrhenian and Abruzzo. Inland areas of the main islands will also see showers and thunderstorms during the day, but clear out in the evening. Temperatures drop in the Mid-South. Enter the section for all details Weather Italy. For evolution throughout the week Click here.

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