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Exceptional African heat with Nero anticyclone?  The truth about expected temperatures and duration »

Exceptional African heat with Nero anticyclone? The truth about expected temperatures and duration »

Weather: Exceptional African heat with anticyclone Nero? Fact about expected temperature and duration

Temperatures will rise sharply in the next few daysAfrican Antibiotic Water is coming with its boiling consistency. Will we hit record highs like in July? Here is the truth about the temperatures that will touch our country in the coming days.

The cold and dry air mass that has affected Italy in recent days is decreasing decisively above all in the northern and central regions. At the same time, the African anticyclone, which has retreated somewhat in recent days, is gaining strength again, under the guise of, you guessed it, Nero It is already ready to launch another attack on the Mediterranean basin, as if it wanted to recover stolen goods these days.

The first signs of the expected increase in heat are already starting in Sardinia, where temperatures are hovering around 35/36°C or even higher in the interior. But we will record a further upward adjustment in temperatures especially over the weekend.

In the map we propose below, the center Sunday 13th August, the expected maximum temperature is shown. Red color now prevails in most parts of the country (temperature above 30°C) with multi-colored corners. Dark red Indicates the closest temperature 35/36°C For example, in the inland areas of the center, in some stretches of the Alpine valley floors, but above all in the interior and southern parts of Sardinia, the mercury columns can rise until they touch the peaks. 37/38°C.The maximum temperature is expected on Sunday, August 13The maximum temperature is expected on Sunday, August 13In short, we are preparing to experience a new outbreak of African heat, which may intensify over the next week, and we will see an increase in the heat event, which will only accentuate the feeling of heat and physical discomfort. However, according to the latest calculations, we can say with certainty that we will not have record heat like the one recorded in the severe July heat wave when thermometers touched the 50 degree Celsius threshold.

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Do we already know its duration? Not exactly, but it seems very possible that it will last that long, and certainly beyond that Mid August Although some disturbances affect alpine and pre-alpine regions. But we will give more details about this in next updates.