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The moral question -

The moral question –

A little more than forty years have passed since what Enrico Berlingare called “the moral question” that changed the identity of the PCI, the party’s DNA and in all its permutations it still expresses a sense of superiority towards others. Today Pd.

Berlinger said at the time: “Today’s parties are above all machines of power and clientelism.” Now, I don’t like Enrico Letta, but if there’s one party that resembles that negative photo more than any other, it’s his today. There is no shortage of scoundrels in the others too, but the Democratic Party now has a system called political-power-business. The violent conversation between Albino Ruperti, the head of the Rome Mayor’s Cabinet, and Vladimiro, the brother of MEP Francesco de Angelis, is not in a dictionary similar to what came from the mouths of Bussi and Carminati. Say an episode, but it’s an image of a dress. Although in less noble language, he recalled Massimo de Alema’s speeches to a novice inexperienced in this kind of politics over the corvettes and submarines to be sold to Colombia. The three words politics, power, business now go hand in hand in those areas: one of the protagonists of the debate animated under the banner of criminal etiquette, Francesco de Angelis, brother of Vladimiro, is not only an MEP but also President. The Industrial Confederation Lazio is the body responsible for managing the various funds of the NRP. When it comes to mixing bowls. So if we talk about anything else from ideas, the conflict leaves no one behind, and the epilogue at the end foreshadows no survivors.

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Now, no one wants to be a moralist, first of all myself: everyone has their own ethics and often facade morality is a close relative of legalism. As Pietro Nenni says: “By striving to be pure, you will always find someone pure who will purify you”. Moralism, or the ethical (we are honest, others are robbers) humanist view of politics, has long animated the left and still underlies it. In fact this philosophy has been used for decades to exterminate entire ruling classes (think Tangendopoli), political opponents (Berlusconi on down) and fanatics (Renzi and others). A philosophy is obviously shrouded in hypocrisy because it is only valid for others. Except that teaching the good and scratching the bad over time will greatly affect the behavior of the Democrats. If you want to crucify others and appear as a hermit with equal sins, you must have a hermit in heaven, and that is the Judiciary: the Democratic Party guarantees in every way to preserve the judicial system. It will leak from all sides and, at the same time, be guaranteed (no surprise if there is a scandal against the center-right soon: this is tradition).

At the same time, if you mistake politics for power, you are obviously not resigned to losing it. To prevent that, you criminalize your opponent, try to legitimize him, and in recent weeks you have treated him as a quasi-fascist or a friend of Putin. You think you have a moral reason to put in place the tools that have allowed Democrats to stay in government for the past decade without winning elections. Besides the fact that a lot of water has gone under the bridge since 2011, many have realized if there is a moral question plaguing the Democratic Party. So the ostriches who still like to keep their heads in the sand, at least have the discipline to not shake it against others from now on.

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