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“Kadyrov is sick and in a coma.” 007’s indiscretion from Kiev against the Chechen leader

“Kadyrov is sick and in a coma.” 007’s indiscretion from Kiev against the Chechen leader

It appears that the health condition of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has collapsed over the past few hours, according to what the head of Ukrainian intelligence announced. to ocrinformAndrei Yusov confirmed the rumors, which, according to Kiev media, came from some Telegram channels hostile to the dictator close to Vladimir Putin. According to the head of the Ukrainian Unit 007, Kadyrov “exposed another serious condition and in recent days he was in a very serious condition.” second RBC-UkraineThe Chechen leader will even fall into a coma, after doctors’ last attempts to treat him failed.

The doctor is from the United Arab Emirates

Former Chechen deputy prime minister, Akhmad Zakayev, now in exile, claims that Kadyrov has recently lost a lot of weight and appears increasingly bloated. According to an opponent of the Chechen dictator, it is clear in some videos that he also has difficulty opening his eyes. The suspicion raised by Kadyrov’s opponents is that he suffers from kidney disease and that he sent a doctor from the United Arab Emirates to Chechnya to receive treatment, and he does not trust doctors in Moscow. Dr. Yassin Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Shahat, head of the nephrology department at Burley Hospital in Abu Dhabi, will arrive in Grozny to treat Kadyrov.

The race to deny the rumours

Just about ten days ago, Kadyrov tried to respond to persistent rumors about his deteriorating health with a video clip of an aspiring athlete. The Chechen leader showed himself busy running on a treadmill in a room filled with gold-framed paintings, lavish chandeliers and gaudy furniture. All while Kadyrov appeared to be floundering during his escape.

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