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“The French ambassador is detained by the coup plotters in Niger and left without food.”

“The French ambassador is detained by the coup plotters in Niger and left without food.”

The situation is increasingly critical in Niger. French President Emmanuel Macron said that the Paris ambassador to the African country was taken hostage, left without food, and forced to live on military rations.

Status of the French ambassador to Niger

French President Emmanuel Macron She revealed, in an interview with the Trans-Alpine newspaper Le Figaro, that the situation of the Paris ambassador to Niger had deteriorated in recent days.

The Head of State stated that the diplomat: “He was literally taken hostageAt the hands of the Nigerian army, which seized power at the end of last July and ousted democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum.

Protests against the French army in Niger

Macron then made it clear that the military junta forces are now ruling The African country was going to deny food supplies to the French embassy. The ambassador was living on military rations in the building.

The ambassador has been expelled

The situation of the French ambassador in Niger was immediately very critical. The coup plotters immediately pointed to France as the cause of the country’s socio-economic situation and expelled the diplomat across the Alps.

But the Paris government ordered its diplomatic staff not to leave capital Niger Niamey, While France continues to recognize the government that was overthrown by the military coup as a legitimate government.

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When asked about the possibility of returning the ambassador to his homeland, Macron replied: “I will do what we agreed with President BazoumBecause he is the legal authority and I talk to him every day.”

The coup in Niger and France

The army seized power in Niger on July 26, 2023. Isolating democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum and establishing a military council led by the general in his place Abdul Rahman Chiani.

Among the enemies of the new regime, in addition to a large part of the countries of the West African Union, ECOWASThere is already France. The European country has a colonial past in Niger and has maintained close relations with the African country even after independence.

One of the main allies of the new Nigerian regime should be Putin’s Russia, which has been present in Africa for years through mercenaries Wagner Group.

Image source: ANSA