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Juventus’ refuge collapses in Napoli: Allegri is mired in humiliation

Juventus’ refuge collapses in Napoli: Allegri is mired in humiliation

Maradona 5-1 destroys Juventus’ comeback ambitions and unveils the team’s technical and tactical weaknesses and Max’s playing philosophy.

to Naples to Juventus It was supposed to be the turning point, the big match to reopen the championship and make fans dream. Instead in Maradona The Bianconeri’s worst nightmare. a Football lesson which has Any return aspirations were destroyed And not just stripped off Technical fragility From the team, but also the total Lack of play and the scarcity of the “short nose” philosophy In front of the battleship Spalletti.

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stunned by a Destroyed Naplesthe Juventus left the field with its head down. Humiliated by the maneuverability, quality and body of the Blues. A heavy defeat not only because of the number of goals conceded, but also because of their arrival. net of the halftime finale in which no one was peeked Kind of a reaction from Di Maria & Co.Throughout the match, Spalletti’s squad dominated every area of ​​the field, making it a point For the collapse of the black and white vault. After eight consecutive clean sheets, The black and white defense was literally blown away by Osimhen and Kfaratskhelia as they conceded five goals in one fell swoop.. slightly less than he had collected in the previous 17 races. A fact that leaves little room for interpretation and should make us think.

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Juventus and Allegri: We ran out of energy. We deserved to lose, but the championship is long

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Moreover, in Maradona, it was not only Allegri’s rear guard led by anyone who failed Primer is unrecognizable And in the doll completely, but a little bit of everyone. Even in the midfield, in fact, the Bianconeri have had great fencing, always chasing their opponents, but without reaching them or being able to confront them in duels. Wrong with a very obvious technical and material gap, but also Some definitely bad choices by Allegri. like an idea Let Chiesa and Kostic play to full extent Forcing them to play mainly full-back Kvaratskhelia And politano (Diamond in the second half). Resolutions that change along with constant unit changes and very low performance of Locatelli, Rabiot and McKinney They helped lend their wing to the blue’s firepower on the outside and to the blue’s attacking speed in the open field.

A complete disaster, diminishing all the good things Juventus did between the end of 2022 and the beginning of January 2023 and Everything calls into question. Especially the basics of Allegri’s work. Indeed, in Naples Not only did Juventus collapse unhappily, but also Max’s way of playing football. Meanwhile on social media The hashtag #AllegriOut has already resurfaced.