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Juventus is in the Italian Cup final, but the Juventus network is unforgiving: Allegri, Alex Sandro and Trevisani are on the horizon

Juventus is in the Italian Cup final, but the Juventus network is unforgiving: Allegri, Alex Sandro and Trevisani are on the horizon

the Juventus Lost 2-1 at home to LazioBy winning the first leg 2-0, they reached the final Italian Cupin addition to the last four of Italian Super Cup. A difficult match, complicated by the Bianconeri's defensive errors, which allowed Lazio to equalize the score from the first leg.

Juventus in the final, the internet is going wild

Then aim owned by Which gave us the final: At Orsato's final whistle, Juventus erupted in celebration, a clear sign of all the tension that had built up on the pitch and in the stands. However, the fans are never happy: because even in this case, Juventus' network did not stop at qualifying for the final, since not everyone liked the performance, on the contrary. A barrage of criticism, especially towards Allegri, for the “lack of play” expressed by Juventus, and because he only used the trident in the final match.

Juventus, the fans don't like it

Above all, to take sides Alex Sandro What is with you. The Brazilian defender, who made his last appearance in the black and white jersey, once again ended up in the eyes of social media because he served as a 'stepping stone' for the national team. Castellanos Marking Lazio's first goal. The Brazilian's name was already trending before the start of the match, just as the comment dedicated to Stefano Trevisani, who is known to be not the first fan of the way Juventus plays, was also the focus of fans' attention. Even this did not go unnoticed by many fans. Maurizio summed it all up in a tweet: “The worst of Alex Sandro's defensive phase, the suspension and simulating stalemate, shameful.”

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Juve, Web in Chorus: Enough with Alex Sandro

The Brazilian defender is particularly “vigilant”, writes well-known journalist Paulo Parjigia“What is worse than Alex Sandro is Allegri, who puts him on the field…” And so is Alfredo wandering: “Of course now this is wrong MakeniBut 99 coaches out of 100 and 998 out of 1,000 would not have started with Alex Sandro.” Reed joked: “In the last 5 minutes, Allegri sweated more than Alex Sandro did in the entire match…” Holly” and “Benji”; “Alex Sandro with Infernal catapultOn the other hand, Mike said decisively: “A coach who prefers Alex Sandro, a 5-year-old player, over Rugani deserves life imprisonment. A second release would be nicer.” “Why anyway,” Frank asks Rogani Don't be the first to do this with Danilo and Alex Sandro. I still have to figure it out.”

Allegri is always in web scenes

A large part of Juventus fans are angry, as always, with the team's play and therefore with the coach, such as Antonio: “We went through and no one understood why and how. But enough games like this.” Alessandro sums up the thoughts of many: “There has never been a more shameful way to reach the final, always #Allegriot“. Simone uses sarcasm: “Let's renew Allegri!!!! Great win thanks to the best coach ever! Meaning that we renew our call for him to leave.” Nicolas puts his finger on the wound: “A defeat will go unnoticed because we have reached the final, but I wanted to remind you that in the round of 13 we won only 3 times. Loss of mentality!” Andrea adds: “The only thing that saved us.” It's a final, we're sorry! Locatelli Sandro, McKinney H Kostic They should never see an inch of the field.”

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Juventus fans against Trevisani

And last but not least is the comment TrevisaniThis is something that Juventus fans did not like at all. Like Tite: “Help Trevisani, he recently received 100,000 supersonic missiles on him.” And Domenico: “The people of Treves are in mourning. The sad little mouse returns home after screaming for Lazio's goals.” Gianpaolo highlighted the commentator's gaffe: “#Trevisani at the final whistle: “…with the flash of #Milek who, 10 minutes from the end, fixes things and brings the result Lazio in the finalAnnamaria simply said: Blacksmith Trevisani.” And Andjad adds: “Trevisani scores the goal for #Juventus Change your mood This is the real victory tonight.” Umberto simply said: “On the sidelines of the match, there was an embarrassing comment. Trevisani, to be precise.”

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