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Doubts about dramatic oversight by Formula 1 commissioners

Doubts about dramatic oversight by Formula 1 commissioners

The final standings for the 2023 Formula 1 United States GP are in question again, and could still be upset several weeks after the race ended: one team has raised doubts over several mistakes made by the FIA ​​stewards in Austin.

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the The amazing 2023 Formula 1 race in Austin The one held last October 23 that saw Max Verstappen beat Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz could still provide a final exciting development after more than two weeks. After SDisruption in the final classification of the United States Grand Prix He arrived several hours after the checkered flag was raised due to the disqualification imposed on Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc as both cars showed irregularities on the ground during post-race checks by FIA inspectors, in fact. The final US Formula 1 standings are in question once againIt could even undergo another radical change 20 days after the end of hostilities on the track.

Haas has in fact submitted a request for a review of the 2023 F1 US GP results like The FIA ​​commissioners allegedly committed several oversights in relation to the alleged overtaking of track limits by several drivers in turn 6 Consequently, he would not have received the expected penalties for such violations. According to the American team, actually from Images of cameras installed on individual cars (So-called “on-board cameras”) And from other photos he has, it is clear that he is a Red Bull driver Sergio Perezfrom Aston Martin Lance outing and two Williams standard bearers Alexander Albon H Logan Sargent They had repeatedly exceeded the track limits in Turn 6 without these violations ending up in the calculations of the FIA ​​commissioners to calculate the penalties that will be imposed on the drivers. (Five seconds after the fourth violation, another ten seconds after the fifth violation, then another five seconds for each subsequent lane limit violation.)

That there was such Oversight by the International Federation Arbitration Committee It actually showed up in the days immediately after the race and at that point The FIA ​​did not deny possible oversights but only excused any errors on the part of the commissioners Explaining that At that point in the route they had no special cameras available To check for any off-route exits There were also no surveillance cameras or other surveillance equipment Suitable for judging track boundary violations in Turn 6 with sufficient accuracy.

It is a justification that did not help Haas willingly accept the final classification for the United States Grand Prix Which saw the four drivers who, according to him, committed various violations by regularly cutting into Turn 6 of the Austin track, ended up receiving points, while his standard-bearers, who would always have respected the track boundaries at that point, ended up getting points. Near points area with Hulkenberg 11 degrees and Magnussen 14 degrees. from here Request to review Austin race finishing order By the Stars and Stripes team (fighting with Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri and Williams to avoid last place in the standings reserved for manufacturers).

And so, Wednesday, November 8, 16 days before the checkered flag for the US Grand Prix (Especially after two more race weekends, first in Mexico and then in Brazil), The International Automobile Federation scheduled a hearing to hear Haas's reasons Which, as required by regulation, You will have to submitSignificant and relevant new elements that were not available at the time the decision was made for which the review was requested“For the federation to question the classification of the United States Grand Prix In accordance with Article 14.3 of the FIA ​​International Sporting Code. For this session, which will be held via videoconference, that has been done Teams of drivers who, according to the American team, exceeded the limits of the Austin track several times were also recalled in turn six during the race on Sunday, October 23, without receiving any penalties for it Red Bull, Aston Martin H Williams.

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single If the evidence presented by Haas at this hearing turns out to be new, significant and initially unavailable, the IBF stewards will be able to accept the US team's review request and set a new hearing. It evaluates how and whether these new elements modify decisions made during and after the racePotentially sanctioning 'accused' drivers thus once again upsetting the 2023 Formula 1 United States GP classification and thus the World Championship rankings for drivers and constructors More than two weeks after the end of the race at Austin.