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Judicial “victories” of the former president under investigation –

Judicial “victories” of the former president under investigation –

Fanny Willis, the Georgia prosecutor who accused Donald Trump of trying to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in that state, admitted in a lawsuit that she had… Romantic Relationship with Nathan Wade: The lawyer she hired (for whom she was paid $653,000) to conduct the investigation against the former president.

The prosecutor alleges a “personal relationship” with Wade She was only recently bornHe denies a conflict of interest, insists he has no influence on the investigation and asks to be able to maintain his role in the trial. But at this point it will be up to Judge Scott McAfee, who will hear the case in the next few days, to decide whether or not it will continue that way. aReferring the case to another judge.

In any case The timing of Trump's trial in Georgia appears to be at risk. Even if we didn't have to start from scratch with a new prosecutor, Willis would still be under fire for months from Republicans who are demanding investigations and censure in her state and want to try her in Congress as well (which she has already done). She received a subpoena. ). A situation considered unsustainable even by the progressive press.

At the same time also A Another federal trial against TrumpThe January 6, 2021 revolution that resulted in the attack on Parliament, which may be postponed until after the elections next November: Tanya Chutkan, the judge of this trialThe special prosecutor, Jack Smith, in charge of the prosecution, warned that the scheduled hearings will begin on March 4 It was postponed to a later date pending the ruling of the Court of Appeal Based on the appeal of Trump's lawyers, who are demanding that the former president be immune from any indictment by virtue of the position he holds.

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The Court of Appeal, which received the appeal a month ago, has not yet issued a ruling: it could take weeks or even months to reach a decision. The times will be extended further even if the justices confirm that Trump is prosecutable because he is at that point His lawyers will appeal to the Supreme Court.

The trial scheduled for the end of next May in Florida over top-secret documents illegally kept by the Republican leader is also scheduled to be postponed.

Operations so far have been Trump's electoral starting point. It was said that a conviction would change things. It is increasingly likely that between now and November all that will remain is the trampoline.

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