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It's really disgusting!  Not everyone knows exactly what to do before cleaning the toilet

It's really disgusting! Not everyone knows exactly what to do before cleaning the toilet

The toilet is one of the main places for germs to breed, especially when it has a flush: here's what to do to avoid them

Pathogens can spread from human waste in public restrooms and can expose people to infectious diseases, especially when flushing the toilet. Many people wonder if it is necessary to lower the toilet lid before flushing.

That's why you should (always) lower the toilet seat (

Dr. Karan Rajan provided further clarification on this matter in a recent TikTok video. The expert explained how dark our toilets are and the dangers of using a flush without the lid. Below, let's find out what he revealed and all the risks we face if we don't adopt this habit.

Why is it important to lower the toilet lid before flushing?

Dr. Rajan stated that human eyes cannot see it but Every time you flush the toilet with the toilet lid open, you create a “volcano of seething sewage.” To understand the above, it is necessary to have a superficial knowledge of the mechanism of the toilet flushing system. The main component is the toilet cistern, which stores the water used for flushing. Inside the tank there are two valves: the water filling valve and the drain valve.

Why you should always close the toilet seat before flushing (

The function of the fill valve is to fill the tank with water when it is empty. One of the toilet flush valves is to flush water from the tank into the toilet bowl. In a typical drain cycle, the water in the tank comes into strong contact with the contents inside the tank, forcing it down the drain pipe. Forced voiding creates a spray of invisible particles of feces and urine Which is suspended in the air around the toilet bowl.

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Research has shown this Every time you flush the toilet, a fine mist of aerosol containing these microscopic particles filled with harmful germs is released upward. This is because during one study, scientists were able to capture the movement of small water droplets from toilets.

These drops moved at a speed of two meters per second and reached a height of 1.5 meters above the toilet bowl in just eight seconds. Not only that, but some small droplets may remain in the air for more than a few minutes, Positioning themselves at what Dr. Rajan describes as the “optimal nasal height” for unsuspecting humans.

If that wasn't worrying enough, Dr. Rajan went on to say that different pathogens such as E. coli, adenoviruses, and norovirus can all spread through the air. inside these drops. In addition to closing the lid before cleaning so that these droplets do not spread, the expert recommends disinfecting the toilet bowl and brush regularly to “reduce the load of pathogens.”

In addition to, We recommend moving your toothbrush outside of this environment. Keeping in mind that you put it in your mouth every day, in addition to anything else you put on your face regularly.