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Before La Scala, the Democrats found another case to shout about fascism

Before La Scala, the Democrats found another case to shout about fascism

Iranian women oppressed by Ayatollah regime? Are Hong Kong bloggers being harassed by the Beijing government? Certainly, a left-wing pearl without a sense of history or absurdity, The New Fortress of Liberty is the story of Marco Wizardelli, journalist and gallery assistant at La Scala for many years. Chanting “long live anti-fascist Italy”, becoming a hero of this progressivism is very much a focus of twentieth-century modernism. Wizardelli was identified by the Ticos (that is, they asked him for documents) and so yesterday, with a flurry of social posts, a nasty attempt to Chileanize (in the sense of portraying Pinochet’s dark Chilean regime) was unleashed. Italy. The Democrat creates a graphic posted on its X account, rewriting the words Wizardelli shouted. “We will continue to shout it everywhere.
Even if Salvini didn’t like it.” Attending the premiere at La Scala the following evening, Salvini pointed out that “you come to listen, not to shout.” Also on the royal stage was the President of the Senate, Ignacio La Russa, who, just as he did not throw himself into the fight of the arrows of the CGIL and the ANBI, did not enter into the matter of the gallery assistant. Ring: “I didn’t hear anything”.

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However, the Left is trying to create a political storm out of the Digos identity. Democratic secretary Elly Schlein resumes her party’s post at X. The mayor of Milan Pepe Sala, who in recent days has joined himself in the challenge of twenty years of absence, underlines: «What can be done for a rogue leader identified with the slogan “Long live anti-fascist Italy”? Can you do it with him? I am asking a friend.” The person directly involved, Vizzardelli, fully immerses himself in the role and tells Anza: “I am not a dangerous co-April, not at the premiere at La Scala, interrupting an almost sacred event,” writes centrist parliamentarian Gianfranco Rodondi. – Democrat Posting the party’s graphic. Forza Italia colleague Flavio Tosi, speaking in Tagadà, said: “I don’t find the shouting insulting, but rude yes. I understand that people who have a political opinion or propaganda use the outside of the theater to express their protest, but inside everyone is respected. For one thing, during the Austro-Hungarian oppression they tried to free the country from their enemies at home, here is a democratically elected government with a majority in parliament.”

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So, is this a pure concept of political persecution? For anything. The Milan police headquarters explained in a statement that “it was not entirely determined by the content of the sentence spoken” but “was carried out as a normal preventive control method to guarantee the safety of the demonstration”. From tragic to farcical in the space of a few hours. With an almost automatic question: What would the leftist parties have done if their own authorities had been challenged? The president of a senate coming from his posts, his own ministers, on so solemn an ​​evening? They will scream at the lack of respect for institutions and the cruel treatment of the public conscience. This little story here, a dim backdrop to the holiday weekend, is merely an exhibition of a number of relevant double standards.