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Justice, Crocetto returns to the room, and he strikes: Shall I be interrogated?  case

Justice, Crocetto returns to the room, and he strikes: Shall I be interrogated? case

Rage against “Giornale”: defamation, there must be an incitement. Publisher Angelucci goes to meet him

It is a Endless Controversy Unleashed by the words Guido Croceto within it Interview with Corriere della Sera, “Concern” about possible actions by the judiciary aimed at shutting down the government. Perhaps the only thing that can be mentioned is when the Defense Minister briefs the chamber on December 19. On the subject of justiceAfter giving answers already last week a Question time. In fact, yesterday, strongly requested by the opposition, Crocetto accepted the invitation (he always said he was ready to present himself), and he was the president of the chamber. Lorenzo Fontana Establish a first effective date with him. But by then the fire burns out.

Yesterday’s topic Newspaper Angry Crocetto: He delivered a messageInvestigation He was only asked to open it, and at the same time the minister The person stated the facts By the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office in the context of the opening of the “related documents” file – again No suspects It’s still there No presumption of guilt — after his interview with Corriere, to check if there really is room to go deeper.

The minister burst out in a note: “Wednesday I met the chief prosecutor of Rome, friendly and company, in which we talked about the topic I raised in the interview. Corriere della Sera». But Il Giornale «rediscovered a A very scandalous titleCompletely false, clearly constructed Only intended to stigmatize.” Then, a crescendo: “A very serious action which I immediately ordered Report wherever possible”, because “It can’t be wrong», but rather “a clear desire to mystify the truth and send a message that, I repeat, is defamatory as false and unacceptable”. And the final thrust: “I cannot help but understand reason now and above all principals».

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Crocetto is convinced that there is one scheming against him: «There must be a reason for something like this, nothing is random. In the supposedly “friendly” newspaper, he tells his followers that something like this cannot come out “unless…” he always guarantees. He doesn’t mention names and surnames, he certainly does Newspaper belongs to Antonio Angelucci, Northern League Vice. He went to his office in the Ministry of Defense yesterday to give a briefing He knows nothing about it. Even with the director Alessandro Sallusti There were contacts, but they did not help withdraw the complaint: “It seems to me – says the journalist – that The minister is very nervous One loses clarity when he is nervous. Title is a summary, The inquiry is on Crocetto’s words, not on Crocetto».

In short, the anxiety is overwhelming. It struck defense circles as, for example, very strong words from the undersecretary Andrea Delmastro, still entitled Justice, went unnoticed, while Crocetto’s principles set politics on fire. «Who wants to hit me and why?”, asks Crosetto.

According to what was going on, the minister explained that in the meeting at the prosecutor’s office, he had no information. Possible Inquiries That they can beat Big names in Govt Or he himself, but he declared other revelations in the judges’ statements that concerned him. These include interventions at various meetings Streams of Jurisprudence, or writings, but revelations which the other magistrates had confided to him. He promises: Everything will be explained December 19 in the room.

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December 8, 2023

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