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Italian families are heavily indebted. Cgia Alert: “Corrosion Hazard”


Milan – Italian families are increasingly indebted to banks. This is a breakdown of Cgia from Meesteras the total inventory increased at the end of 2022 to 595.1 billion euros, an increase of 3.5% compared to 2021, with an average debt per household of 22,710 euros.

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by Andrea Greco

The situation that opens up for the CGIA worrying scenarios on the usury front, although the number of reports of this crime to the police forces has been declining for some time. Usury is a “karst” phenomenon – warns the CGIA – those caught in the net of loan sharks hardly turn to the police.

Although the stock of debt is increasing due to inflation, the increase in the cost of mortgages and the significant rise in utility bills that negatively affected most of the past year, the situation is critical, but it is still under control. The increase in debt is likely to be attributed in part to the strong economic recovery that occurred in the biennium 2021-2022. In fact, the most economically exposed county areas are also those with higher income levels.

The most “red” families are located in the province of Milan, with an average debt of 35,342 euros (+5.1 percent compared to 2021). Given this, in all likelihood due to the high cost of housing with implications for housing loans, in second place we see those of Monza Brianza, with 31,984 euros (+3 percent) and in third place are the residents of Bolzano, with 31,483 euros (+5 percent). cent). Outside the platform, we note those in Rome, with an average debt of 30,851 euros (+2.8 percent) and that of Cuomo, with 30,276 euros (+3.8 percent).

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However, we indicate families residing in the province of Agrigento, among the least at risk, with a debt of 10,302 euros (+3 percent) and families of Vibo Valentia, with 9,993 euros (+1.9 percent). Finally, the least indebted households in Italy are in Enna, with the “red” being €9,631 (+3.6 percent). In 2022, the Italian province with the greatest variance of growth in household debt was Ravenna (+9.1 percent), while the only province to experience a contraction was Vercelli (-2.3 percent). a hundred)


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