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Farewell to petrol: the arrival of the first petrol-powered car |  economic revolution

Farewell to petrol: the arrival of the first petrol-powered car | economic revolution

Here comes the beer-powered car

The bizarre invention comes from the United States and replaces traditional fuel with a global drink: beer.

there beer It undoubtedly has historical relevance in many cultures spread all over the world and has always been a beloved drink by many. However, the sector in which you have not been able to fit in is engines, and for obvious reasons. Plenty of annual accidents are caused by drunk driving, and beer is often the unfortunate culprit for these tragedies.

That all changed a few weeks ago, when some ridiculous news arrived from the US that they would finally create a beer-engine collaboration. around Beer car Created by one Ky Michaelson. As strange as it may sound, the news is real and it’s not the only workaround we know of.

Two other bizarre but functional experiments are that of a trash bus – perhaps the most absurd – and a Volkswagen Scirocco and its consumption of used coffee beans. Beer remains a very special fuel because the excrement or grain used are products to be discarded, while the drink in question has also been adapted for another use.

Ky Michaelson has built his site Beer powered motorcycle in the US and got media coverage when he was interviewed by Fox News about his invention.

The high cost of conventional fuels

Ky Michaelson isn’t a huge drinker or beer lover, which might come as a surprise. The inventor told Fox News his “MotorBeer” program began as a way to avoid using conventional fuels, whose costs have skyrocketed in the past year or more. But to clarify the effectiveness of this alternative fuel, Michaelson will need time to perform various tests.

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In fact, it is not yet clear how much consumption and, accordingly, how much autonomy a beer can guarantee. “I need an isolated area to run some tests. I’m working on it.”Michaelson said. If his invention succeeds, it will be another opening into the world of alternative fuels that could fit into the tanks of our cars.

MotorBeer will reach 240 km / h

The moped runs on a steam engine

This is the basic star of the beer: steam engine. So we go back technologically to being able to heat the beer high enough – up to 300 degrees – to be able to produce energy. The motorcycle, similar to a chopper, has a 52-liter tank barrel under the saddle that seems to be touched. 240 kilometers per hour.

Such a strange invention makes us really understand the potential in the field of fuel (although the problem of supply and consumption of any unconventional fuel will remain). If MotorBeer doesn’t work instead – if he “drinks” too much, as they say – the beer will stay in stock.