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How can you withdraw now?

For a few years now, the option to follow the common line among other European countries in terms of reducing cash has begun to split: even in the face of the increasing use of electronic money (due to account cards, prepaid cards, and new types of wire transfers), some concerns are beginning to develop about ATM machines.

This noun defines both the verb to withdraw in the branches ATM, but also the payment system in general when this happens through the card. In our country, traditionally associated with cash, the role of ATMs is becoming increasingly widespread even if the number of branches is decreasing (in the last year and a half, about 2,500 ATMs have disappeared). The motivation is mainly due to the prevailing trend that credit institutions are no longer able to run branches due to rising costs. On the other hand, users are becoming more independent in managing their savings, especially with the possibility to exploithome banking-This is the management through your smartphone or home computer.

Alert from ATMs all over Italy: How can you withdraw now?

So, on the other hand, if cash is increasingly limited especially for medium and high amounts (the current limit for withdrawal / deposit / cash payment is set at €2000 for 2022, while at least in theory from next year this will be halved) .

The small number of bank branches also means a possible new policy regarding commission costs, especially those related to withdrawals at banks other than those of the owner: there is currently a fixed exchange fee of €49 cents, but it is Bancomat SpA itself that proposes to abolish the latter in favor of a fixed rate , decided by individual banks. The proposal was examined by the antitrust to be decided by the end of April.

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If confirmed, the withdrawal fee may cost up to 1.5 euro.