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ITA focuses on the United States

ITA focuses on the United States

ITA – Italy Air Transport SpA has submitted an application to the US DOT for permission to fly to the United States through KMA Zuckert LLC, a US law firm in Washington.

The Italian airline wants to open several routes until 2023, briefly known as ITA. In particular, the Milan MXP for the New York JFK, Boston, Miami and the Rome Fumicino for the New York JFK were soon recognized. By 2022 it plans to operate from the Rome FCO to the Los Angeles and Washington IAD. At the Roma FCO for Chicago and San Francisco in 2023.

With the exception of Rome San Francisco, which is scheduled to launch in June 2020, all of these routes have been profitably driven by Alitalia in the past, but the Govt-19 epidemic has prevented their opening. 52 flights expected on October 15, 2021. IDA is currently authorized to sell tickets on routes from the United States and Alitalia SAI will be in service on October 14, 2021. The latest Alitalia Revenue Service will depart on the 13th of October 2021 at 5pm from JFK to AZ609.

ITA has requested the US DOT to carry out planned and chartered air transport of people, things and mails abroad from any point or points behind any member state of the European Union through any point or point in any member country and through any intermediate point or any point. Overseas scheduled and chartered aviation of individuals, property and mail at any point or points in the United States and between any point or points of European public airspace, foreign scheduled and chartered air cargo. Between any point or points in the United States and any other point or points, other laws subject to the prior approval requirements of Section 212 of the CFR of the Department Regulations.

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IDA has recently merged the EOC – the National Organization for Civil Aviation – with the AOC obtained through the National Organization for Civil Aviation and the Passenger Transport License issued by the ENAC. It is in talks to acquire Alitalia SAI’s flight area, IATA AZ code and 055, which will allow the EU Commission to negotiate directly with the airline through private negotiations.

Trademark, Manipulation and Maintenance If the ITA “Alitalia” trademark is otherwise sent to the public auction and the ITA receives the trademark “Alitalia” trademark, the trademark “ITA” Alitalia “trademark will be sent to the US DOT as stated in the application, or take appropriate action to register the trade name in the department referred to in paragraph 215 This application will vary depending on the time of the tender “.

As is well known, Alitalia SAI is not often accredited by the ITA to compete in the Flyer loyalty program. The Millemclia project in the hands of the Alitalia faith. It will take the required time to accept the application. Meanwhile, the HR recruitment, which started on August 26, 2021, received more than 5,000 applications and they believe the 10,000 target is completely feasible.

On this front, the first two meetings with the unions saw different perspectives. IDA wants to negotiate directly with the people who will be hired. Otherwise, the unions should be included in the cycle.

Marco Finelli