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Milan, 16-storey building on fire: Tenants evicted

Milan, 16-storey building on fire: Tenants evicted

An upstairs apartment will catch fire first, then flames will spread to the left and burn the building until it shows its skeleton. On the spot, in addition to ambulances and firefighters, the judiciary arrived. We are exploring to understand the dynamics of the fire that destroyed the building Via Antonini. Skyscraper Building – Nickname “Torre del Moro“There are two house numbers in it 32 And this 34 – In a few minutes it became a torch of fire and smoke. Singer among residents Mahmoud, Who lived on the ninth floor: He was the first to leave the building when the fire broke out.

The flames burned everything, Starting with the panels on the facade that began to peel, and change one by one Burning bullets Even from the skyscraper building that fell on the street and was blown away, except for a McDonald’s and a supermarket, both were closed and there are two gas stations. Dozens of firefighters and ambulances intervened immediately, except for the police who dispersed the entire area, to see if anyone had taken refuge on the roof while the helicopter was flying. The First responders They would have had time to enter the skyscraper and climb upstairs and let the occupants out of the scene of the fire. In total, about twenty condoms arrived at the scene by 118 staff.

Mayor Salah: I exclude victims – “Everyone in the building has been contacted and the good news is that they have all responded. From what we understand, I hope we can contact everyone and deny the existence of victims at this time. We can breathe a sigh of relief,” said the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Salah. Arrived at that place soon. “At this point firefighters will finish firefighting work and enter all the apartments, but it calms us that we talked to all the tenants. We lost everything, now immediate help, and then we will take action to help find formulas.” , What happened – he continued – four hours ago we were more concerned.Thanks to the fire brigade, but also to the tenants: Some might have run down quickly but they knocked on all the doors, which was decisive.

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One woman: “I smelled smoke and ran away” – “We smelled smoke and ran away immediately – says a woman who lives in the building – I don’t think it’s very serious.

“Panels burned like butter” – Another resident of Condominium says: “We said the panels that covered the building were non-flammable, but instead they burned as quickly as butter. Technicians will do a test, but I remember very well what they told us that the panels were fire resistant.”

The Skyscraper is part of a complex built in 2011 that houses offices, restaurants and shops. It is part of a redesign of the Vigentino area, which, among other buildings, also built the Prada Foundation. The palace reaches a height of 60 meters and is attracted by the hinges of a ship. It was passed Self-supporting polystyrene sheets It quickly eroded, leaving the structure unexposed.