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It will arrive from mid-August, just like CARONTE!  Forecast for Saturday and Sunday

It will arrive from mid-August, just like CARONTE! Forecast for Saturday and Sunday

Weekends from mid-August

We’re going to experience an unsettled weekend characterized by extreme heat, with temperatures peaking well above average. Yes, in our country Saturday and Sunday are all August days.
If we’re not in late September now, it looks like we’ll be dealing with the CARONTE anticyclone over the weekend, with fewer hours of daylight and, consequently, lower heat extremes. A broad high-pressure core extending into Scandinavia.

In short, one can prepare Weekend Under the sign of good weather, but above all upon return Heat It would extend practically over the whole of Italy, from north to south.
The map we propose below is related Maximum temperature The day is scheduled Sunday 10 SeptemberA solid sign: Pay particular attention to colored areas dark red/purple, We expect values ​​there 35/36°C, As in the case Sardinia and some internal divisions of the core. But in other parts of the country, especially, the heat will still be felt Po Valley, The thermometers rise until they reach the threshold 32/33°C.

Maximum temperature forecast for Sunday, September 10
A little must be said about the weather forecast: the sun will dominate practically everywhere and the only contrasting notes will be the residual, patchy cloudiness expected on Saturday in the south and some thickening in the Alpine mountains during the warm hours of the day. In these areas, it’s a good idea to have an umbrella handy, just in case, but in all likelihood it won’t be necessary!

How long will this latest contrarian phase of summer 2023 last? Probably a lot! In fact, apart from some transitory and temporary declines in thermometers in the middle of the month, we have to wait until the beginning of the third ten days of September for a clear change in circulation.

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He spoke about these issues Antonio SanoFounder of the site www.ilmeteo.itWhom we asked for more information What will happen not only this weekend, but also next week.
It will seem like we are in the middle of summer, when the African anticyclone Saron happens: from Sunday, temperatures will start to rise by 5 degrees Celsius, and much of Italy will enjoy a new warm week. Especially if we consider the period. ‘August 41st’ will actually start an anticyclonic phase that will bring extraordinary warmth to Finland and the Baltic Republics, making it really feel like mid-August!

What temperatures will we reach in Italy with this latest heat wave?
Peaks of 35-36°C are expected in Tuscany, especially between Monday and Tuesday, with up to 34°C in the Po Valley, Umbria, Lazio and Sardinia, while record values ​​for September may not be reached in the south. Widespread though often traveling towards 33 °C.

Will the sun dominate?
Of course. This North African environment, observed and reviewed for the summer of 2023, proved to be the warmest on record globally, providing longer sunny phases. In the north there will be only quick intrusions of humid Atlantic air, while in the mid-south it will be possible to book new summer holidays for the whole next week: low prices, guaranteed sun and heat.

What will the weather be like in the next few days?
The last clusters will be in the south in the next few hours with some rain between Calabria and Sicily: the Mediterranean cyclone is indeed, as predicted, traveling more menacingly in the southern Ionian Sea, but decisively moving towards Libya. From Italy. By the end of the week, high pressure will take over the south again, bringing significant improvement, except for some lingering scare accumulations and some gusty winds in Sicily.

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From Sunday it’s sun, summer and heat, from the Alps to Sicily, from Sardinia to March, and we’ll feel like we’ve never unpacked our holiday bags.
Sooner or later, in fact, we move our vacations to September or October: July and August are very hot, while the African anticyclone in the first autumn months guarantees optimal periods, warm sun during the day and cool nights. Sleep with windows open.