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Boom infections and millions of Italians are in isolation: so in January we face a ban.  Super green bass to work with

Boom infections and millions of Italians are in isolation: so in January we face a ban. Super green bass to work with

Two million Italians are being held at home for isolation. It may be even higher in January. one crore, Forecast Chief Physician of San Martino de Genoa Matteo Pacetti. Even if there is no official number, it is calculated by taking the total number of positives in Italy (i.e. 517 thousand) and multiplying by the minimum number of contacts: 4. And this is apparently the average value. Positive relationships can be many. The problem is real and precisely for this reason Drake government Sooner or later he will have to make a decision. To avoid the siege of an entire country. When experts turn to ask one Disabling Selected for No Vox. And vaccine duty. And can be seen on the super horizon Green bass To work.

Mass Positiveization

That explains today Print, Effect Mass positive The UK is already experimenting. The newspaper reminds us that according to the rules of isolation, anyone with a positive relationship should stay home for a week if vaccinated or ten days if not vaccinated. Waiting for swaps to certify its negativity. If the number of cases continues to rise, a decision must be made as soon as possible as there is a risk of 10 million citizens staying at home at this rate. The decision rests with the Ministry of Health. Let us move towards the amendment of the isolated duty. However, it is important to understand whether self-closure is sufficient only for close contacts or whether a “free for all” decision is made. Thanks to the vaccine even with some symptoms.

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However, not everyone agrees with Passetti. Republic Listen to’s comment today Giovanni Maga, Who leads the CNR Institute of Molecular Genetics in Pavia: “Negative molecular wiping should be a necessity,” Maga explains, to get out of isolation. Even considering that Omigron 3 days against 4.2 is the average incubation variation Delta. It appears to have milder symptoms in immunocompromised individuals and young adults. Carlo Signorelli, Professor of Health and Public Health in San Rafael, Milan, “There are many vulnerable people who have not been vaccinated or have not yet had time to take the third dose. If you relax the rules, you run the risk of putting them at risk and embarrassing intensive care units.” They can be contagious for a short time, but they can still infect others. And the new variant is very contagious. By easing the rules, there is a risk that the cases will escalate and worsen the situation in front of workers and the economy.

Lockdown and vaccination are not obligatory

Basically two of the solutions proposed by experts. Roberto Battiston, Coordinator of the Institute of Astronomy and Epidemiology of the University of Trento, asks Disabling And for those who have not been vaccinated Decrease in epidemics in Germany and Austria. “The development of infections caused by the Omigron variant is so rapid that it can quickly lead to a health emergency: under normal conditions it can develop in several months, and now it can happen in a few weeks, unless new, effective control measures are taken quickly; The numbers are clear, “said Pattiston, referring to the experiences of Germany and Austria. , We avoid sending the health system into crisis.

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Immunologist and member of the Scientific and Technical Committee Sergio Afrignani In an interview Courier della sera Instead he asks directly about the duty to be vaccinated: “Is it acceptable that 9 out of 10 Italians should pay for the behavior of a few? Not to mention the economic damage that can fall on certain types when regions change color. Is vaccination duty a difficult step? Covid is very difficult மீண்டும். Again:” If we had all been vaccinated, the occupied intensive beds would be 20-25% of the current one, so the whole of Italy would be white. Of the approximately 3 million people over the age of 50 who have not been vaccinated, 1.4 million are over the age of 60, making up about 8% of the total population of this age group. A minority, however, revives the lives of 92% of those who fulfill their duty and meet the conditions.

A super green bass to work with

Meanwhile, the tightness of the latest Govt order may soon have a continuum. Ambassador He says in the background today that he fired at the last CDM This arrangement came into effect at Christmas In government he fought for the Super Green Pass to work. The idea was to impose the Green Certificate Govit-19 First to all government employees and then to private employees. For a total of 23 million people. The front was passed Mario Tracy, Roberto Speranza e Renato Brunetta He did, however, see the opposition of the League and the Grillini. The implementation of this measure was very complicated and who considered it a precursor to the potential problems of appeals and public order. So in the end the executive committee was adjourned. However, if the number of infections worsens, leave that rule on the list. If so, Tracy should bring together representatives of the Confederacy and the unions to take a step in the direction of the Super Green Pass.

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