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It looks impressive in the details reported by Jez Corden -

It looks impressive in the details reported by Jez Corden –

Jez Corden from Windows Central published a report on I acknowledge, the new title from Obsidian Entertainment, based on Information Obtained from sources close to the development team to whom the project was described Embarrassed.

According to Corden’s sources, Avowed is currently in advanced pre-production and the first version may close soon, with several mechanics implemented, including playing pillars. The game will be set in World of Eternity, like the Pillars of Eternity series, but it will be in first person like The Outer Worlds, with which you must also share the graphics engine, albeit very advanced.

So the address will have combat system Action, but will have a deep exploration of lead roles and narrative systems. It will also have selectable class-based gameplay and a two-handed combat system inspired by Skyrim. In short, the player can be an assassin using daggers, a ranger using a bow and arrow, can combine melee and magic weapons, or become a pure wizard to use powerful spells cast using the hands.

Avowed will also contain many items taken from the Pillars of Eternity, such as some spells and the ability to enchant weapons and arrows. There may also be firearms in the game (as in the two pillars) and some creatures such as Xaurips, Wyverns, and Dragons may return.

As previously reported, according to Corden, the Avowed could be shown at TGS 2021 and could have a bootable architecture ready forE3 2022.

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