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New World on Steam is now "mostly positive", and reviews have improved -

New World on Steam is now “mostly positive”, and reviews have improved –

review new world, MMO from Amazon Games, is getting better and average rating on steam game now”mostly positiveIt was previously ‘medium’.

Currently there are more than 104,000 comments on Steam. The latest reviews of the New World praise PvP and the structure of crafting and collecting items. Some compare the New World to the early World of Warcraft. For example, one user stated that “There is a lot of drama in the chat, because the game is a bit competitive, but the PvP can be really fun. The map is very cool and the sound design is great. There are some graphic bugs and sound from time to time. For the version Flannel from Amazon’s flagship MMO, it’s a great game. But it can get better with time.”

A character from the new world fighting with a bear

Some of the reviews are over though criticism. Some users complain about the lack of a bigger story and claim that the game world is lacking in character and that the higher character level is boring. However, the number of players is still very high. The peak was reached 9 days ago (913634 players concurrent) but in the last 24 hours, 664,233 users have been connected in one instant. At the time of writing, New World is only behind Dota 2 and CS: GO. These are great results.

We remind you that the New World Pirate bundle is available, but the Prime gifts don’t end there.

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