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It appears like this - Libero Quotidiano

It appears like this – Libero Quotidiano

It never stops, every day a new work and every day a new and exciting success. We are talking about Chiara Ferragni, the queen among Italian influencers So is Fedez’s wife. After the blog, my first shoe collection. Then many other brands, products and projects. In short, Ferragni has come a very long way. And yesterday, Thursday, September 16, the digital entrepreneur officially launched her first line of lingerie (all after babywear, inspired by her second pregnancy).

In short, Chiara Ferragni divorces A line of women’s underwear. And of course, the launch is documented on Instagram, where she reveals herself in a black leather bra. This is “Best Chiara Ferragni Brand,” as he explained in the first post. So again, straight from the hotel Four Seasons in Milan: Preview with the same bra. Promise: “Soon.” To see all the clothes designed by Chiara Ferragni, in short, we still have to wait a bit …

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