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"Put him down".  The noise (disgusting) live - Libero Quotidiano

“Put him down”. The noise (disgusting) live – Libero Quotidiano

a Amedeo Gurria Increasingly out of control rule Big Brother VIP. Journalist Gwenda’s father and ex-husband Maria Theresa Road (Both heroes of the latest version of the reality show Canale 5 hosted by Alfonso Signorini) lights up the house with a casual, elevated demeanor. Basically, his passion isn’t too secret for madness topic stevens, the ‘black panther’ with flourishing curves that attracts goria like a honey bear. But not only.

While Manila Nazzaro, Manuel Portuzzo NS Aldo Montano They are in the garden and they are talking about another TV show, Celebrity Island, the direction breaks off and Goria goes to the bedroom. The reporter wakes up from his (eventful) afternoon nap and immerses himself in tonante rut ** oAnd it is the noisy digestion that embarrasses the director, disgusts viewers, and unleashes on social media. “But what did you just see? Separate from the others to frame Guria making these sounds?” “We lacked this, after all he did. Let’s hope they take action tonight.”

Gurria does not appear to have much popular support, given that many are calling for his disqualification. reason? What happened a few minutes before the unfortunate noise. after, after groped During a group dance, Stevens joins her in bed, but while she is resting, the hand of the veteran rai journalist famous for being a female grave “takes advantage” of the situation and only Nazzaro interjects with his message: “But Amedeo, do you stop with that hand?”.

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