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Isolation without buffer for vaccinated persons.  Asymptomatic positives are excluded from patients admitted to the hospital

Isolation without buffer for vaccinated persons. Asymptomatic positives are excluded from patients admitted to the hospital

Exit Isolations With slim and low bureaucracy, if you are positive, but asymptomatic, you have received the dose Stimulant. Difference between those admitted to the hospital due to symptoms Govt And those who went to the hospital for other reasons and were positively diagnosed but without symptoms. It will take a week, but the conflict between the government and the regions will in any case lead to a review of the procedures for managing the epidemic to avoid paralysis in the country. Health Minister Roberto yesterday Hope, Speaking on Rete 4, he confirmed: “In the next few hours a technical table will open on the regions’ proposals. The new phase is not the same as before. Although it is still smooth. Seeing, thanks to Hans’s judgment, makes it clear that we have to wait for the evolution of the epidemic.Cluz, the WHO’s director for Europe, has rated Italy’s action positively and predicted the peak of Omicron in two or three weeks.

No Green Pass, will be closed by the end of the month and new rules on enrollment counts. Hope: “Technical schedule with regions soon”


Rafael Tonini, Emilia-Romagna Councilor for Health, chairs the conference commission. Regions The draftsman of the most comprehensive document on schools sent to the government: “No one wants to hide data or be careless, but we need a practical vision of how to manage this phase”. Yesterday the Under-Secretary of Health, Pierre Pavlo Celery, Guest of “Domenica In”, opened the transition with “two weeks” time. Celery: “I agree with the need to reconsider the rules so that they can be changed and made easier. Now let’s look at how infections go and how positive and sick they are. .

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Change in the number of hospital admissions It rejects the hypothesis of red bands for regions, where intensive care is completed with 30 percent of cov- eral patients, medical areas 40. This is not a scene around a corner: today only one region, Valle d’Aosta, is orange. Some governors go further and argue that it goes Removed color scheme, Relying only on Green Pass rules Super Green Boss, Practically locking those who have been vaccinated. “What’s the point of keeping colors?” Says Marco Marcelio, leader of Abruzzo. Governor of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonachini: “The color scheme has actually been overturned by reality. It is more dangerous to go back to the status quo restrictions of a few months ago than they are now. However, when saying goodbye to colors, Sporranza does not want to start negotiations.” The organization is going crazy because it is actively managing isolations for vaccinated positives, “said Alessio D’Amato, Lazio’s health councilor.

The Hypothesis Two on the table. First (Lazio’s favorite): If the asymptomatic positive vaccine is isolated by three doses, after five days, it is free again without a tumble. Thus, the regions claim that the burden of the bureaucratic apparatus is now in its final stages, avoiding long-term abandonment of public services and institutions of isolated prisoners. And swabs focus primarily on those with symptoms. Another option that Emilia-Romagna will use independently this week is aimed at recognizing the tests you can do yourself as a tool to break out of isolation.


Negotiation Government-regions As the Committee of Ministers approves the new Dpcm, it will continue this week to list activities that will be exempted and not approved by the Greens. It will be mandatory for those who go to the hairdresser, barber and beautician from Thursday: from February 1 it will serve in public offices, post offices, banks and business operations, “except for the services necessary to satisfy the essential and primary needs.” The government is compiling a list of exceptions for which the doctor, the veterinarian, and the police headquarters can file a complaint and the court will testify. The Ministry of Economic Development also wants to include tobacco sellers, newspapers, bookstores and toy stores.

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