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Lost Opportunity -

Lost Opportunity –

In balance, the center-right does not lose. It confirms the administrations it had but the fact that it was not comforting. On the other hand, if the Democrats look at the results, they can seize the plunder of Grillism in cities like Rome and Turin and capture Naples, which was in the hands of Masanello-de Magistrates. On the surface, therefore, let’s talk about a tie, in fact it is not so. As the winner of all the polls for the center-right, political elections, this is a missed opportunity, still burning with the proportion of defeat in Milan, where the outgoing center-left mayor Salah first won the change. A missed opportunity, but a warning, because if the coalition does not learn anything from this lesson in political elections it runs the risk of blowing its nose.

And teaching is easy. First, it makes sense if an alliance is united. A series of guerrillas trying to seize a leadership that needs to be checked undermines the common effort to win: what happened to Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni, who constantly fought while the enemy was at the gate (the Morrisi and Fidanza cases). However, similarity cannot be a facet, it must be checked in behavior starting with the selection of candidates (next test quirine). Here we have to think. The question of names was not resolved with the logic of a text message sent to Meloni Salvini a few days ago: “Dear Matteo, you are not going anywhere with citizens’ candidates”. The problem is very common and is about the new “mentality” of crossing the country in the post-Govt. The populists are in crisis: Grillini is minimal and the sovereignty on the right is not enough to win. The old law is back in force, according to which the candidate in the bipolar system must be representative of his side, but at the same time have the ability to take a consensus on the law of the enemy. Otherwise you are at risk for “Le Pen Syndrome”. In short, he must be a frontier between Reagan in the United States and Clinton or Blair in the UK. Here, too, at the time of the real “bipolarism”, only two moderate personalities, Berlusconi and Prodi, won. Others, see Persani, have torn a tie at most. Today we return to yesterday: the word left appears moderate if you delete it in Salah’s texts. Giorgette spoke well of Calenda during the election campaign in Rome, and at the time of selecting the candidate to refer to the “borderline” characters, Calenda proposed right along with Guido Bertolaso ​​to the center right of the “civil” ticket. Whether these are now winning “signs”, “citizenship” or not.

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Finally, there is politics. Salvini deserved to lead the way to Tracy when half of the Democrats were skeptical. Then, sometimes stunned by the sirens of sovereignty, he was blown away by the debt letta. He missed the opportunity to give the impression of being a moderate leader. He can’t change the script: he’s not answering the phone for ten days to Gearketti and Drake for a week. A “childish” policy. And then from yesterday, from left to right, you wonder why Berlusconi’s nostalgia has returned.