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5 Best Trail Running Races in America

5 Best Trail Running Races in America

The Test flow There is a growing sport and more track running events around the world. Although many of these have had to be canceled in the last two years due to the epidemic, the future looks promising.

Nov. 8 to The United States They reopened the borders to international travelers and allowed tourists to return to the country. Anyone who wants to travel to America needs it Apply for USA ESTA Before departure.

Also, many events happening in the United States Official dates for the 2022 edition have already been set. In this article, we will look at some of the most interesting trail running races that every trail running enthusiast should know.

Transrockies Run (Colorado) – The Under Armor Transrockies Run (also known as the Transrockies) is a 120-mile (193-kilometer) stage race through the Colorado Rockies, hence its name. The route, which was kept secret until shortly before the event began, offers incredible views of the 6-day stretch between Poona Vista and Beaver Creek. Only a maximum of 350 runners can participate, so event records sell out very quickly.

100 Western Countries (California) – It is one of the most important trail running races in the United States, the oldest 100-mile (160-kilometer) race in the world (first edition took place in 1974) and one of the toughest endurance events in the world. The ride starts in the Olympic Valley and ends in the Auburn, and passes through the lands of Nicene, Washoe and other nearby tribes, with beautiful and wild landscapes such as the Emigrant Pass and the Granite Chief Wilderness. Those who are interested can participate in this competition.

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Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs (Nevada) – The race takes place around Lake Tahoe and racers can choose between different distances: 100 miles or 50 miles. For 100 mile races, runners must qualify. The other race is open to anyone. The Tahoe Rim Trail traverses alpine and subalpine forest trails and dirt roads in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and is not ideal for beginners because it will require both physical and mental. The highest point of the race is 2800 meters below Snow Valley Peak, from where you can definitely see the best views. The next edition is scheduled for 16 and 17 July 2022.

Moab Trail Run (Utah) – The annual Moab Trail Run, usually the first weekend of November, is the longest running trail marathon of the four events. A half marathon has a 5km adventure run and a 1km run for the little ones, making it a very family friendly event. The route through the narrow valleys of Moab is unique, with a variety of landscapes and stunning views, from the landscape of Canyonland National Park to the 3,000-foot-high La Sal Mountains.

X-Terra Trail Run World Championship (Hawaii) – The X-Terra Trail Run World Championship is an exciting challenge for trail runners of all skill levels and ages. The race takes place in the Kualo Ranch Nature Reserve on the island of Hawaii and the main event is a 21-kilometer half marathon, two events, a 10-kilometer and a 5-kilometer. It takes place in December and is the perfect way to end the year.

Natural landscapes Featured in many Hollywood series and films (such as Jurassic Park, Pearl Harpo or Lost). The trails of this nature reserve are generally closed to the public, so the race offers a unique opportunity to see this beautiful area in person. The X-Terra Trail Run World Championship is the culmination of the X-Terra Trail Run series, a collection of more than 70 trail running races over various distances around the world.

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Products and applying for ESTA for a trip to the United States – To go to the United States and participate in one of the races mentioned, one must register in advance, however Apply for a visa or ESTA To enter the United States. ESTA is an electronic travel authorization that can be used quickly and easily online Digital request. After payment, it will take an average of three days for the ESTA to approve and send the email.

Since the ESTA is electronically attached to the applicant’s passport, it does not need to be printed. L ‘ESTA is valid Travel authorization may be for two years and during this period Used for unlimited trips to the United States.

Each stay lasts a maximum of three months. So ESTA can be used to participate in tenders, but also for holidays. Before applying for it, it is very important to check that you meet all the requirements.