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Inter and Fanta Calcio, sufficient but few rewards: Barilla’s performance

Inter and Fanta Calcio, sufficient but few rewards: Barilla’s performance

Inter, with Napoli above all, is among the teams that approach the break with a bitter smile, in light of the (return) draw against Bologna, with Thiago Motta’s team that recovered thanks to goals from Orsolini and Zirkzee and the double advantage signed by Acerbe and Lautaro Martinez. And in a climate that remains positive Not exactly a high performance from Niccolò Barella, yet distorted and not very shiny. Even in terms of fantasy football, the Nerazzurri midfielder has just one assist on his goals list, and little else. What happens to Barilla?

Stretcher in Fantasy Football, average score is enough but the rewards?

Nicolo Barella is undoubtedly one of those profiles that gets paid at auction, a reliable player who has a goal scoring habit and is more useful to those who use performance and/or midfield modifier. But at the moment, Barella denies all expectations. In the eight matches he played for the vote, Just one help: 7 on the report card with Salernitana, and then nothing. Fantasy rating of 6.31, respectable, but we’d certainly expect more from someone like him; The last tournament, eight days later, Barella had already scored two goals and made three assistsMore than decent loot.

So what happened to Barilla? At the moment, his contribution seems to fluctuate at the level of contentment, with some highlights in the derby and against Fiorentina. Everyone expects more, especially when it comes to tackling off the ball, which has always been one of his best characteristics.