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When do revenue agency tax assessments run and what are the defense tools for taxpayers


In Italy, the relationship between tax authorities and taxpayers is not always cordial in nature. Not only does the Revenue Agency acquire all the tax returns that taxpayers submit, but it checks them one by one. So as to discover any errors, inconsistencies and/or anomalies.

If, in fact, the IRS finds something is wrong, it can begin to peg the tax. However, this does not only apply to a tax return that has been filled out, submitted and transmitted electronically. But also for any other tax obligation or fulfillment.

Thus, when errors, inconsistencies and/or anomalies are checked, a tax assessment by a revenue agency will almost always result in a tax claim. That is, the IRS will call the taxpayer to pay higher taxes. So let’s see, in this case, what all the self-defense tools are available to taxpayers. Clearly when a citizen believes that the tax claim is illegal.

When do revenue agency tax assessments run and what are the defense tools for taxpayers

In detail, if the internal income is sent to the taxpayer Report violationsThen, using services like Civis, it will be possible to prove that the tax claim is illegitimate. By attaching and sending data, information and/or documents of which the IRS is not aware.

Other than that, regarding when tax assessments are made by the revenue agency, if the assessment notice is delivered, there are two possible approaches. The first method is to pay what is owed. That is, what is required by the tax authorities to address one’s position. The other way is to file an appeal. Go in this case to challenge the assessment notice before a judge of the regional tax commission.

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When and how to avoid starting an investigation

For those wondering when and how to avoid revenue agency tax assessments, the answer will be said soon. This means that it is always sufficient to pay taxes on the specified conditions and pay them all. In addition, declare all your income and any other taxes that must be paid to the tax authorities. From mortgage taxes to inheritance taxes, passing through the issuance of all receipts and all bills. For example, if Resturant Issues few receipts, but buys a lot of food raw materials, it is clear that the tax authorities will, relentlessly, turn on a beacon, and then begin to assess taxes. Just so you can see clearly.


How tax assessments work and how many years it can take for Inland Revenue to pay taxes

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