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In Messina there are richer people than ever before, and they are always richer…

In Messina there are richer people than ever before, and they are always richer…

Messina. Between 2020 and 2021, in the city of M’diq, the income class that you see The largest increase in taxpayers It’s more than 120 thousand euros. The statistics say so The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) which depicts each year the situation of taxpayers in each city in Italy based on personal income tax (Erbev). Specifically, the number of people declaring more than €120,000 per year rose from 745 to 910: Record A 22.15% increase. And they are getting richer.

But what amount do the residents of Messina who belong to the wealthiest income class declare? Since this is aggregate data, it is not possible to get a specific answer for each taxpayer but they report it on average An income of approximately 184,500 euros. Also in this case, this is a real record compared to other categories of taxpayers: Those who declared more than €120,000 saw the largest increase in incomeBetween 2020 and 2021, at a rate of 1.55%. The second richest income group, those declaring between 75 and 95 thousand euros, saw an increase of 0.71%, moving from an average of 90,267 euros to 90,911 euros. Next are those who declared between 10 and 15 thousand euros: the average taxpayer filed a return of 12,405 euros in 2020 and one of 12,429 euros in 2021. We thus see an increase of 0.19%. Taxpayers between 15 and 26 thousand euros recorded an increase of 0.17%. Finally, there are citizens who declare between 26 and 55 thousand euros and have seen their income increase by only 0.13%.

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Everyone saw their income decline They are those who belong to the category of 55-75 thousand euros, which rose from 64,303 euros to 64,215 euros with an annual reduction of -0.14%, and the lowest income category, those that declare between 0 and 10 thousand euros. For the 40,100 people of Messina belonging to this category (which is also the most populous), income decreased by -2.15%: From an average of 4,645 euros in 2020, it increased to 4,545 euros in 2021.

In addition to the difference in income between 2020 and 2021, other data to understand the great economic contradiction that exists in the community of Messina are those related to the increase and decrease in population within income groups. Considering that in 2020 the total number of taxpayers in Messina was 128,542, in 2021 almost three thousand citizens were added to the group of those who declare their income, bringing it to 131,365 taxpayers. Except for those who have not been moved to the income category, Overall, taxpayers in Messina see an improvement in their situation compared to the previous year. For example, in contrast to the terrible performance of Messina (82nd out of 107 in Italy) regarding the weight of employee salary.

The income category from 0 to 10 thousand euros is seeing a decrease in its population of about one thousand five hundred taxpayers (at the trend level there -3.5%). All other categories see an increase in the number of taxpayers: thus, there is +1.15% for the 10-15 thousand euro category; 2.82% for those between 15 and 26 thousand euros; +2.42% for 26-55 thousand euros; And 2.85% for the group that declares between 55 and 75 thousand euros. But the classes that are increasing the most are (always) the wealthiest. 231 taxpayers were added to the 2,552 who declared between 95 and 120 thousand euros, i.e. +9.05%. Instead, the wealthiest class, that is, the class with an income of more than 120 thousand euros, increased its number by 165 taxpayers, registering an attendance rate of +22.15% compared to the previous year.

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A final, brief parenthesis opens to explain economic inequality In Messina is the information obtained from the amount of income generated by class. In the capital, Peloritan The 910 richest taxpayers (Category more than 120 thousand euros) They produce an income of around 168 million euros. Amount of income 40,000 of the poorest taxpayers (Category 0-10 thousand euros) 180 million euros. A simple comparison between the two opposite poles exposes all the nuances that underlie the economic situation of the people of Messina. Or rather part of this, because only 59.5% of the population of Messina can be considered taxpayers.