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Maneuver, green light from CDM Monday 14 October: what to expect?

Maneuver, green light from CDM Monday 14 October: what to expect?

Cuneo, tax cuts, families and the Palestinian Authority: these are the four pillars of the 2024 maneuver that arrives at the Cabinet on Monday. In detail, and considering the merits of the measures, the Council of Ministers will on Monday launch the budget plan, including the outlines of the maneuver that will be sent to the EU Commission and Parliament; The actual budget material reaches the Council by the end of the month Let the examination begin and then pass to the Senate. Besides the budget in the Council of Ministers, two legislative decrees on tax matters should also be issued, the first step of the tax reform: a legislative decree on Irpef rates and measures for companies and a second item on global tax.

Wedge confirmation, up to 100 EUR in payment voucher

Using the additional deficit lever, the government will finance the reduction in the tax wedge also for 2024 for 14 million workers. This measure, initiated by previous governments and reinforced by the Executive of Georgia Meloni, provides for a 6-point reduction in employment taxes for income up to 35 thousand euros and up to 7 points for those with income below 25 thousand euros, recognized in the wage voucher to 100. Euros more.

Global taxes and tax cuts in legislative decree

Other fiscal measures should be included in two legislative decrees that represent the first step of tax reform. The first decree would merge the first two Irpef rates, thus becomingThe minimum rate is 23% from incomes up to 15 thousand euros to those up to 28 thousand Total euros per year. The intervention will be financed by reducing tax deductions, through a horizontal reduction in the access threshold to 120 thousand euros, given the difficulty of completely eliminating some “deductions”. Simplifying the audience will produce billion-dollar resources.

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Mini Iris Recruitment Companies

The legislative decree must also include a reduction in internal income tax, from 24% to 15% for companies that hire. A second legislative decree should be issued to implement the global international minimum tax agreement to combat tax evasion by multinational corporations, with advanced technology leading the way (expected revenues of about $2 billion) and a set of rules to attract investments with 5 years of corporate tax incentives. Companies returning their activities to Italy.

The birth rate by contrast

Birth rate control measures will find room to manoeuvre. Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti spoke Measures to support middle and low-income familiesWith more than two children. We are also considering measures to help mothers reconcile work and family.

Public administration and health care

Regarding public contracts, it is expected that the contract will be renewed Risks of resource scarcity. The so-called advances decree to reassess state pensions and raise salaries is due to be issued in December with a 1.5% increase in salaries by the end of the year. When the process of renewing public employment contracts for the three-year period 2022-2024 begins, Giorgetti said that special attention will be paid to workers in the medical and healthcare fields.


Due to limited resources, the pension package does not include any major changes and may only provide for the confirmation of the 103rd and Social Monkey quota for 2024.

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