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"I'm in Viminale? I'd like it, but...".  Salvini's revelation

“I’m in Viminale? I’d like it, but…”. Salvini’s revelation

a Matthew Salvini With a relaxed face, he is almost happy to resolve the “little misunderstanding” between Meloni and Berlusconi. The smile of a man who knows he’s arrived (almost) at the end of the long road that leads to the CEO. All this with the benefit, perhaps surprisingly, of an “important ministry” such as the Ministry of Economy Giancarlo Gioretti. . was interviewed Fourth Republic From Nicolas BoroughThe League’s secretary isn’t entirely lopsided about Meloni’s first names. But it gives some indications.

The first concerns the timing: “I think next Monday we will have ministers in office,” the brief technical time for Mattarella’s consultations (“we can’t set ourselves ourselves”) and an urgent task. After that, it will be time to “overcome the Fornero law”, complete the bridge over the Strait of Messina, deal with the billing knot and all necessary repairs, including those of justice. Yes, but with whom?

on me Ministry of Interior AffairsDespite Salvini’s assertion that he “would like to continue to work” with the Minister of the Interior, the agreement now appears to lead to the designation of Matteo Pentidosi“One of the best servants of the state that I know.” “I don’t know if it will end like this,” says Salvini, but in any case, the appointment of the governor of Rome would be a “continuation” of the policies of the Northern League secretary: “We wrote the security decrees – says Salvini – together.” The sudden blow is certainly the fund of the Ministry of Economy, which after years of technologists should return to “political” hands. ‘It wasn’t in the budget – he admits captain – that the most important was at the head of the league: but if the allies ask Carroccio, it is for me a source of pride, it is not bad. Then the newspapers played Giorgetti against Salvini, but she is wrong.”

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The question is different Roberto Calderoli. After the “step back” that allowed Ignacio La Rosa to take the helm of Madama Palace, the Ministry of Autonomy must go to him. Here Salvini imagines joining the “reform as before”. However, it remains to be seen how the fund of the Ministry of Justice will be resolved: if it is to go to Carlo Nordeo, the reforms may end up at that point in the hands of Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati. The knot remains to be untied.

As for himself, Salvini does not keep anything at the moment. It seems that the Minister of Infrastructure should get it (“There is someone, like Edoardo Rixi, who will do it better than me”). If so, the ideas are clear: building the bridge over the strait that “creates 120,000 jobs; then “cutting out bureaucracy, censorship, there’s a lot of work to be done”.