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Don’t miss the Lidl offer for only 11.99: Hurry up, stocks are running out

Lidl always has good deals, but this time, fans of the genre can only take advantage of it until October 16th.

Lidl is also a very popular supermarket chain in Italy due to its great prices. Offers change every month and one offer in particular can make a lot of people happy.

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Lidl offer until stocks run out, hurry up and don’t miss it

The German supermarket chain Lidl has taken root in the national territory with a radical presence. In fact, there are many Lidl selling points where you can shop. To make this supermarket popular in Italy and Europe in general, it was definitely its premium prices.

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Moreover, Lidl periodically releases an unmissable flyer thanks to which customers can evaluate what can and cannot be used, already from home. In addition to food products there is a wide range of options Food-free products which varies according to the time of year. The most prosperous for buying toys, for example, is towards the end of November.

Even cosmetics lovers will often find something to suit their teeth. Just think of one of the face moisturizers that Lidl sells under the brand SiinIt is considered one of the most effective creams in circulation, due to its excellent value for money. This can be easily seen from the new leaflet Valid while stocks last. Let’s see what the product is.

Amazing Lidl Offer: Unmissable Product for Only €11.99

Super offer

The product presented on the Lidl flyer is all about facial skin care. It is located around Dermo Expertise Revitalift Laser X3 by L’Oreal Paris. The cream is suggested as a real remedy to prevent or fight the signs of aging. it contains Hyaluronic acid and Proxilan It promises noticeable results immediately after several applications. Its functions are to tighten the face, re-densify and plump the skin.

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In addition, the cream gently exfoliates the skin without being abrasive. In this way he was able to The skin under the skin improves and is more effective. From the first applications, facial skin looks fresher and more comfortable. After subsequent applications, the face will appear more moisturized. In fact, due to its molecular weight, The cream can fill in the grooves and attract water. With its composition, the cream can be used Both as a day cream from night cream.

The displayed cost is only €11.99 for 50ml of product. Not bad for a new product. The amount will allow the treatment to be carried out for two months. In fact, it only takes a little product to apply to see the first results. If the product interests you, You just have to go to the nearest Lidl supermarket and look for the cream.