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Ilari Blacy and the "Special" Humor of Valentina of Persia

Ilari Blacy and the “Special” Humor of Valentina of Persia

Let’s see together what happened last night, during Al Jazeera’s live broadcast, where Ilari Blasey gave a joke to Valentina Faris.

Ilari Blasey tells a joke on Valentina in Persia

As we know yesterday evening, we had the opportunity to attend one of the last episodes related to reality Legendary wages Elary Blasey.

Obviously we’re talking aboutThe famous islandBut in addressing an outcast, or Valentina Faris, Illari made a joke that surprised everyone, so let’s see better together for whatever reason.

Elary Blasey stuns everyone

From what was reported a while ago about the upcoming release of the reality show live from Honduras, it looks like it will make a complete revolution, because This year it did not shine in certain rankings.

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Ma The jokes that Elary Blasey makes while it is being transported will definitely stay in TV history.

Even in yesterday’s semi-finals, it is clear that there can be no joke, in fact during the test it was going between Miria Stabile, Ueb, Matteo Diamante and Valentina Faris, who was underwater, told Illari to the latter:

“You have the wrong hole, Valentina!”

And as usual, he gave a joke to the island’s envoyMassimiliano Rosolino says:

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You’re at the disco, Massimiliano, now you just go there to empty ashtrays.

All this, in this case, was born when they made Isolde Kostner and Miryea Stabile dance on the cube.

Famous Island: Elari Blasie and the Humor "a certain" To Valentina Persia
Fans at home greatly appreciate Ilari Blasie’s hilarious way of doing things

In short, as usual, a very lively episode, which the audience at home appreciates, given the various comments on social networks, from people who follow the program live.

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Elary Blasey’s jokes are sure to be fun, though, even if the reality show hasn’t always been rewarded with TV ratings, we’ll see what happens with the final episode.

And you, is there anything you dislike about this version of Celebrity Island? The commentators, the outcasts themselves, or Elary Blasey?