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Martina and Raffaele di Amici together, it's official: but it's loud

Martina and Raffaele di Amici together, it’s official: but it’s loud


The dancer formalizes her love story with the Calabrian singer, spreading a long message against those who hit her with insults.

It is official Raphael Renda and Martina Melide distance Friends 2021 They are together. The Latin American dancer announces the initiation and formalization of this relationship. The much-discussed former competitor He finds himself having to defend himself even from criticism Which, these days, she and the Calabrian singer receive it on social networks. Some viewers were revolting to see them spend time together in Cagliari, the city where Martina lived.

From the start, the two of them made no secret of their meeting, to the point that They shared photos and videos That depicts them together. Despite this, the official confirmation of starting their relationship has yet to arrive. By now, the audience knew that they were dating, to get to know each other better. Within the program, Martina and Raphael They did not have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge.

Melidi initially formed a couple with Aka7even. Their love story ended and at home the dancer did not hide her interest in Raphael, who preferred to stay away from gossip. The Calabrian singer tended to focus only on music. The story with Aka7even was permanently archived and Maria De Filippi ended, Martina approached Raphael.

“I believe that in life each of us is free to make our own choices and there are no right or most wrong ones, but only those who are made with the heart, those who make you happy.”

This is what Melidi writes on the image Brush his lips against Raphael. Faced with their proximity, although there has been no official confirmation of the relationship yet, many viewers have rebelled in recent days. Many seem to criticize Martina, accusing her of mocking her Aka7even at Friends School. It seems that there are not only minor criticisms among the comments, but also insults.

“I read your comments and I think how much time is wasted in insulting two 20-year-olds enjoying life as it is. Less blame, live and let live. It’s so good outside, enjoy the people you really love, laugh, eat, be brave to take over your life. Because, believe me, there is nothing more beautiful than living without ideas

And therefore, Martina Melidi responds to all those who raise violations, Her and Raphael, in these last days. This explosion concludes by sending everyone ‘A very strong hug’. The photo speaks for itself and so does the photo he shared in these minutes. So, It can now be assumed that Martina and Raphael make up a couple.

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Meanwhile, Aka7even He would not come near the well. In fact, the most interested users noticed that on social networks, the singer from Loca stopped following Raffaele as well.

Martina Melide, photos and message by Raphael