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Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, Adelaide’s daughter has a secret: what Odile is hiding

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, Adelaide’s daughter has a secret: what Odile is hiding

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, Adelaide has a daughter who is hiding a secret: who is Odile and what will happen in the new season.

The countdown has begun because there are only a few days left until the start of the new season of Ladies’ paradise. The highly anticipated eighth season of the made-in-Italy soap will begin on Monday, September 11 and will create a lot of buzz. In the middle of the plot, once again, there will be Adelaide, whose secret will finally be discovered.

The arrival of ladies’ paradise, Odile, daughter of Adelaide – Credits Raiplay-

Last season ended in ambiguity: The Countess temporarily moved away from Milan, but no one knows the real reason. Everything will be explained in detail in the upcoming new episodes on Rai 1, where we will get to know Odile.

And as many have assumed, it is A secret daughter of Adelaide who grew up abroad. A daughter, according to spoilers, is ready to join the Countess of Sant’Erasmo in the Lombard capital, with shocking news to tell. Below are the previews.

Ladies’ Paradise 8, What Odile Hides: Adelaide’s Daughter is Coming

Among television’s most anticipated returns, there is undoubtedly a comeback Ladies’ paradise. The series set in Milan in the 1960s is preparing to return to the air after the usual summer hiatus, with Chapter No. 8. Where, despite… Rumors Regarding the alleged farewell, we will find one of the absolute heroes of the show, Vanessa Gravina. Countess Adelaide of Sant’Erasmo will return more active than ever, and alongside her, We will find an exciting new entry.

A ladies paradise, Adelaide’s daughter has a sexy secret – Raiplay Credits-

As some expected, Adelaide has a daughter, whose name is Odile. According to spoilers, the Countess thought her daughter was dead, but the truth is different. The girl is supposed to arrive in Milan in the first episode of the new season, but there could be bad surprises. Odell what? She will be introduced to everyone as her friend’s daughter Geneva, sadly deceased, may have bad news for Adelaide.

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Just like a mother, in short too The newcomer will have something to hide The audience is already eager to discover the secrets of the new entry. Which could be there Daughter of Umberto Guarnieri (Roberto Farnese). This is the most widespread hypothesis among those around the web, but official confirmations will only come through new episodes of the series.

It cannot be ruled out that the mysterious Odile was born from another love affair with the Countess, which the public may not know about. Appointment Starting Monday, September 11, at 4.05pm on Rai 1 For all the news of a season that promises to be exciting.